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Author Display Name: cookrook

Joined on : 2/6/2016

Published Articles

ID 1033864Puddings Recipes From Rare Soviet Cookbook 'Cooking'
ID 1033863Salted Cucumbers And Tomatoes. Recipe From Rare Soviet Cookbook 'Cooking'
ID 1033862Cooking With Beans In Soviet Union
ID 1033861Recipes Of Georgian Cuisine From Rare Soviet Cookbook 'Cooking'
ID 1026565Soviet Cooking. Rabbit Dishes
ID 1026564Soviet Cooking. Apples Dishes Recipes
ID 1026562Soviet Cooking. Jams Recipes
ID 1026557Soviet Cooking. Kissels Recipes. Part 2
ID 1026556Soviet Cooking. Kissels Recipes. Part 1
ID 1025549Unique Recipes For Pike From Past Time
ID 1025548Soviet Cooking. Unique Recipes From Hare
ID 1025421Russian Fish Soup. Ordinary Ukha And Sterlet Ukha
ID 1025420Drinks From Wild-Growing Greens
ID 1024727Soviet Cooking. A Couple Of Recipes Of Traditional Dishes Of Russian Cuisine.
ID 1024194Soviet Cooking. Almost Forgotten Fish Recipes.
ID 1024043Several Desserts Recipes From The Book Cooking, Published In 1955 In The USSR.
ID 1023980Traditional Russian Baking. Today Moscow Rasstegai And Kulebyaka Of Puff Pastry
ID 1023856Wild Goat And Roe Deer Dishes
ID 1023735Shchi Of White Cabbage

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