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What are the Different Types of Telemedicine in 2022?

Now that you know the basics behind the telemedicine industry and its potential benefits for patients and healthcare providers, let's not move on to a common question, "What are three different types of telemedicine?"

While there are many other types of telemedicine, the three most common are store and forward, remote monitoring, and real-time interactive services. We'll go over each of these major telemedicine types in detail below, and we'll go over the other types of telemedicine in the blog's subsequent sections.

What are the three different kinds of telemedicine?
Let's take a closer look at the major types...
1) Telemedicine with a store-and-forward capability
This is also referred to as "asynchronous telemedicine." And, understandably, many people are curious about whatever type of technology is used in the asynchronous version of telemedicine.

2) Remote surveillance
Another essential and extensively used type of telemedicine is remote monitoring, which allows patients to self-monitor their health using a variety of technology equipment that can measure and record vital signs. Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease, and others are particularly fond of this technique. Such patients require regular vital sign monitoring, and they can use advanced telemedicine technologies to record, monitor, and exchange their vitals with healthcare experts as needed.

3) Interactive Services in Real-Time
The real-time interactive services are last in line for our main form of telemedicine. Surprisingly, this is one of the most common forms of telemedicine (in fact for most people this is the only approach of telemedicine). Patients can consult doctors and specialists one-on-one through video conferencing (which is where the term "real-time interactive" originates from) during the real-time interactive services approach.

What are the other three kinds of telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a very fruitful field that has radically changed the face of healthcare in a short period. It has drastically enhanced the overall levels of healthcare service offered to persons around the world by enhancing the breadth and frequency of communication and information sharing between patients and medical providers. Improvements in the sector will eventually establish a global network of doctors and other health professionals who will be able to engage and educate their patients to unprecedented levels.

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