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How Can Coolsculpting Help Reduce Belly Fat?

Suffering from unwanted belly fat? The best fat burner Mission Viejo, Coolsculpting, can help! No diet or exercise is required, this safe and effective non-surgical procedure freezes away fat cells without affecting the surrounding skin and muscle tissue, making it ideal for people seeking an alternative to other methods of getting rid of belly fat. Plus, Coolsculpting treats the entire abdomen in one convenient session, so you can see results faster than other options could ever provide!

Stop Extreme Dieting

When it comes to losing weight, most of us think about all sorts of different approaches—calorie counting, meal prep, exercise, and dieting among them. But with sculpting treatments such as CoolSculpting, you can stop extreme dieting from eliminating your belly fat and consider a healthy belly fat diet Mission Viejo. The treatment is completely non-invasive and is FDA-cleared for use on any area of your body. If you’re ready to take back control over your physique, contact Dr. Kakar today!

Lose the Extra Weight While You Sleep

For weightloss in OC, losing one pound of fat requires burning 3,500 more calories than you consume. And if you’re trying to lose belly fat specifically, you need to burn an additional 1,000 calories over your normal caloric intake. And, you can lose that extra weight over your belly while sleeping with Coolsculpting. It works by removing fat cells through a process called CryolipolysisTM. During a single treatment session, you will be placed in a reclining chair and exposed to extremely cold temperatures for about 45 minutes per area being treated (i.e., abdomen). Since this treatment process should not be painful, you can relax or even sleep even during the Coolsculpting section.

The patients could also read, play games on their tablet or phone, or even get some work done during the treatment.

How CoolSculpting Eliminate the Belly Fat?

While diet and exercise can both help you reduce belly fat, there is another option—CoolSculpting. This process involves freezing unwanted fat cells, which results in long-term weight loss without surgery or downtime.

Here’s How It Works:

While lying on your stomach, a technician will hook up the applicator to the machine. When the machine is turned on, it essentially attaches itself to your skin and then starts to work by freezing the fat cells below the skin. The process typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and the fat starts to eliminate.


While coolsculpting alone can reduce belly fat, it’s most effective when paired with a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet. Our Orange County weight loss experts can help you determine if coolsculpting is right for you and offer tips on how to achieve your weight loss goals safely. To see if coolsculpting is right for you, book a consultation with our Dr. Kakar today!


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