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Why Organic Indigo Powder is The Healthiest Way to Colour Your Hair Black

When talking about natural colouring agents, organic indigo powder is one of the most blessed products you will find. Indigo as a hair dye has been in use since centuries and gives innumerable benefits. You can easily use it with henna, and also individually to colour your hair. Indigo is a blue-black natural stain that also has multiple hair health benefits. Organic indigo powder for hair has many benefits, like:

1.It prevents premature greying
2.It treats dandruff and baldness
3.It covers grey hair
4.It helps in hair growth, cleans the scalp and makes hair shiny
Apart from this, organic indigo powder also colours hair jet black and different shades of brown when used with henna.

How to colour hair black with indigo?

Henna comes with many hair health benefits. It also renders an orangish-red hue when applied to hair. When used in combination with indigo powder it gives varying shades of rich brown colour and also a jet black colour. Without henna, indigo leaves only a blue-black shade. You can get varying shades of brown by adding henna in varying proportions to organic indigo powder.

How to buy the best organic indigo powder for hair?

You must make sure to buy organic indigo powder from a reputable source and a credible brand. Most mixtures available in the market are filled with artificial substances, which many a times compromise the organic nature of the herb. Further, since true organic indigo hair powder is obtained from indigo leaves, it must be grounded well into a microfine triple-sifted powder. This would also allow the powder to release the colour more quickly.

Indus Valley Bio-Organic Indigo Powder has been certified as organic by the internationally reputed USDA Organic and ECOCERT. It also comes as a triple-sifted and microfine powder.

Similarly, you can also look out for Indus Valley Bio-Organic Herbal Henna Powder to mix it up with the organic indigo powder.

Indus Valley Bio-Organic Indigo Powder for hair also easily mixes into a lump-free paste being microfine and triple-sifted enabling easier and smoother application. Mix up organic indigo powder with your microfine henna powder and start your wonderful experimentations with different colours hassle-free. You can also mix it up with an essential oil of your choice to make it even more exotic and aromatic. The paste would work wonders not just for your hair colour but also for your hair health.

Indigo Powder helps boost hair growth and scalp health. Henna also acts as a natural conditioner and completely rids the hair of all dirt, oil and bacteria. The mixture, after being washed, takes a while to yield its colouring effects. Make sure to not wash your hair for at least 2-3 days to allow the herbs to work their magic. The colours, being natural, will take some time to darken up—usually up to the next 4-5 days.

Another major benefit of using Indus Valley Bio-Organic Indigo Powder is that it contains absolutely no ammonia or PPD or other synthesizing agents, which might damage the hair. You can use it even if you are suffering from hypersensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Go for truly organic and 100% pure

Many of the products claiming to be “organic” nowadays contain harmful chemicals that penetrate into the inner vortices of hair strands and deposit their stain inside the hair shaft to make the dye longer lasting. Similarly, to fool consumers into falling for long-lasting yet organic hair dyes, the packaged products are often compromised with chemical substances and their organic nature is lost in the process. Indus Valley Bio-Organic Indigo Powder makes for a 100% chemical-free hair dye and is made from the actual leaves of the indigo plant plucked and grounded into microfine powder for an absolutely natural yet supreme hair colouring experience.

How to use indigo with henna for colouring hair naturally at home?

1. Make a smooth thick paste of henna powder with hot water in a non-metallic bowl and allow it to slowly cool down to lukewarm.
2. Apply the lukewarm paste using a brush evenly on your hair.
3. Let it sit for an hour then wash it off with water.
4. Pat your hair dry.
5. Make a smooth thick paste with indigo powder the same way you made with henna powder.
6. Apply this paste evenly over your freshly henna dyed hair once it cools down to lukewarm. Let it sit for an hour. For darker shades of brown, keep the indigo powder for more time.

7. Wash it off with normal water. Shampoo after 48 hours.

In conclusion

Making it a point to check the ingredients of the hair colouration products before buying should be diligently put into practice. The triple-sifted, microfine and purely organic indigo powder and organic henna powder from the stables of Indus Valley assure a supremely natural and organic hair colouring experience. Certifications like USDA Organic and ECOCERT add further to their authenticity.
For more on this, do stay on with this space for our next hair-health update. Till then, stay beautiful, stay natural!


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