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4 Types Of Residential Elevators For Old And Disabled People

The elevator is one invention that has helped mankind conquer heights in the residential area. Thanks to this system you can go from one floor of the building to another floor. For this reason, an elevator is very common in tall buildings. Without this system, we have to use stairs for going from one floor to another.

Stairs are good when you are young. It let you have cardio exercise when you use it in everyday life. Unfortunately, stairs are not good for old people. When people cross a certain age, climbing stairs become a Hercules task for them. It also causes problems to those people who have physical disabilities and depends on wheelchairs. Here are some modern elevators, which you can install in your multi-storied house. These elevators are designed for old & disabled people who find it very difficult to climb stairs.

 Modern Elevators For Old & Disabled People

1. Straight Rail Stair Lifts

This type of lift works with most wheelchairs. It has a mechanism that attaches to wheelchairs and lifts the person with wheelchairs to the next level of the house. You can contact wheelchair lifts Louisville KY for this. It is suitable for two-storied houses. At an inexpensive price, you can attach this type of lift system with your current stairs. For this reason, you don’t have to do much modification to the stairs when you install this type of lift.

2. Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts

If you have a little bit more space beside the stair, then you can install vertical platform wheelchair lifts in your house. For this type of lift, you can contact the elevators Lexington KY. They offer very reliably vertical platform wheelchair lifts at an affordable price. You would be surprised to know that disabled or old people can easily use this lift without anyone’s help. This vertical platform wheelchair lift gives them another level of freedom that they have never experienced before.

3. Curved Rail Stair Lifts

All houses are not fitted with one type of stairs. Some houses are fitted with curved stairs and you need to install curved rail stairlifts in these houses. Curved rail stairlifts work on a curved railing. Just like straight rail stairlifts, using curved rail stairlifts is also very easy. To install curved rail stairlifts in your house, you can contact the wheelchair lifts Louisville KY. In the Kentucky region, they are famous for making lifts for old & disabled people.

4. Residential Elevators

If you live in a three or four-storied house, then installing residential elevators is the best option. Both regular and old disabled people can use this type of lift. You can contact the elevators Lexington KY to install residential elevators in your house. This company is known for residential elevators and you can order them any type of residential elevator at a reasonable price.

Old age is not merciful to knees. At this time, having an elevator in the house helps old people a lot. If you love your old family members, then installing a residential elevator will be very helpful for them.


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