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The Fyukin Fish - All You Need To Know

The ryukin fish, also known as the golden or giant danio, is one of the most popular types of fish kept in home aquariums around the world. This small, peaceful species makes an excellent addition to any community tank and is well-suited to beginners because it rarely grows larger than two inches long. Ryukin fish are easy to feed and can even be trained to accept food directly from your hand! Here are all the basics you need to know about caring for your own pet ryukin.
Ryukin Habitat
The typical habitat for ryukin is a planted aquarium. Ryukin are very social fish and should always be kept in groups of at least three. When keeping more than one ryukin, it's also important to have sufficient hiding places available. The more hiding spots you can give your fish, the less aggressive they will become towards each other, which makes maintaining healthy populations much easier. Live plants are an excellent option for providing cover for many hobbyists since they can grow tall enough to conceal most aquarium setups. Ryukin prefers heavily planted tanks with plenty of oxygen flow from power filters or high-output canister filters.
Ryukin Tank Mates
The ryukin is an active fish that enjoys a large aquarium with plenty of room to swim, so be sure you have a tank large enough. Like most other bettas, it prefers living in groups, so buy at least three. Ryukins do not necessarily need a filter, but having one will keep your tank cleaner and your fish healthier. The best ones are hang-on-back (HOB) filters or box filters; make sure yours can hold several gallons of water! Gravel on your substrate will help prevent disease and strengthen your fish's fins; avoid gravel with sharp edges as these can injure its sensitive body.
Ryukin Feeding
Like many types of goldfish, ryukins are very messy eaters. They tend to produce a lot of waste during feeding time, which can quickly affect water quality. To prevent your fish tank from getting too polluted, you need to feed your fish only as much food as they can consume within five minutes (forget the one or two pellets per fish rule). It's also important not to overfeed; doing so will only increase nitrate levels in your aquarium and lead to other problems like algae growth. Always keep an eye on your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels—when water quality starts slipping (which is especially common with goldfish), it's time for a 30-60% water change.
Ryukin Disease
The Ryukin Disease is a disease that affects much freshwater fish, and is caused by an outbreak of parasites in your tank. To tell if your fish has contracted Ryukin Disease, look for any of these symptoms: scales appearing loose on some parts of its body, irregular swimming patterns, redness around its eyes or nose, grasping at air instead of moving through its gills normally. When you first notice these symptoms, it's important to take action immediately. The longer you wait after you first see signs of Ryukin Disease, the less likely it will be that your fish will recover from its sickness.
Ryukin Breeding
Breeding Ryukins is not as complicated as some would make it out to be. Many factors affect their breeding, but once you learn them all, you can have a successful breeding program.


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