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Horseback Riding Safety - Best Guide

There is no doubting that pleasure horse is incredibly rewarding and good fun, but it can also be quite dangerous. With riders frequently exposed to road traffic, other animals, dogs, and people plus uneven terrain, poorly maintained tracks, or even cross-country routes that are open to mountain bikes, anyone thinking about taking up off-road pleasure horse - Pleasure horse riding funs safety should take stock of their personal capabilities as well as researching potential hazards. Read more now!
Horse Dangers
While owning a horse for recreational purposes is not as popular as it once was, people still find pleasure in having their own horses. Many engage in competitive events where they run and trot horses against one another, and others engage in leisure activities such as trail riding. People who enjoy trail riding and other non-competitive events need to know how to care for their horses and be aware of potential dangers they may face while riding with their horses. From broken bones from bad falls to being spooked by birds or other animals, many dangers must be noted when going out on a horseback ride.
Safe Approach
In what ways is training a horse different from other sports? In what ways do horses need to learn? What tactics does a rider use to train a horse in a safe way? When one rides, they must make sure to take along the right approach. They must be professional. Pleasure horse riding is not all about going in circles and pretending to be a jockey. It is not an easy task and needs patient trainers, who can take it slowly by teaching their juniors when they are young. In addition, when taking up horse riding, look for someone with good teaching skills who can help you understand it in proper form, for that will keep you from getting into any injury.
Safety Tips
- Helmets
Get one. When shopping for a helmet, be sure it fits correctly and is comfortable to wear. Some helmets come with removable pads inside so you can adjust their fit to your liking. Try on different sizes and shapes before deciding which looks best or feels most comfortable for you. Look for vents to keep your head cool on hot days, too. If you decide not to wear a helmet, remember that there are no shortcuts—however good you think your balance may be, nothing can protect your head better than a quality helmet.
- Inspect riding areas
No matter where you ride, from a beginner to an expert, it is a good idea to stay alert and maintain a high level of awareness. Never assume that a horse knows every obstacle in its path. They do not have an innate sense of danger—they have to be trained for it! Always check out your path before going. Is there broken glass? Are there snakes or other animals lying in wait? Look for trails that are clear and well used, and talk with others who frequent these areas to learn about any potential hazards they may encounter.
- Proper saddles
Be sure your saddle fits both horse and rider. The saddle should fit squarely on a horse's back with no rocking or twisting and should provide plenty of padding for its weight; your kneecaps should not touch its back when you sit in it. A good way to test a saddle is to place your hand between its pommel (the back part of a Western saddle) or cantle (the back part of an English saddle) and your horse's withers, about midway down his neck. This is where you will rest most of your weight while riding. If there is too much space, then either you or your horse will be uncomfortable during longer rides, or worse, may get sore.
- Proper attire
When you are horseback riding, safety is an important aspect to always keep in mind. It is very helpful to be dressed appropriately when pleasure horse riding. The proper apparel should consist of pants, a long-sleeved shirt, boots, gloves, and a hat for your head. This should be worn even if it is not very cold outside or just doing something that does not involve much walking. Make sure that you wear good-quality boots that have steel shanks inside them so they will offer more protection for your feet while you are moving around on horseback.


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