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How Can Physiotherapy Help Recover From Stroke?

Do you know stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers? Yes! According to Stroke Foundation, “There were 27,428 Australians who experienced stroke for the first time in their lives in 2020, which equates to one stroke every 19 minutes.” In fact, more than 445,087 Australians are living with the effects of stroke. However, about 80% of strokes can be prevented.

Stroke is a life-challenging condition that can lead to mental setbacks and physical disability. Post-stroke, an individual can feel depressed, hopeless, and helpless, resulting in reduced mobility and exercises. This is when Greenfield physiotherapy comes to the rescue.

What Is Greenfield Park Physiotherapy, And How Can It Help Recover You From Stroke?

Physiotherapy helps to restore, maintain, and maximise an individual’s strength, movement, function, and overall well-being. It is performed by trained and certified Greenfield Park physio. Physical therapy uses techniques such as exercise; massage, skills training, and electrical treatment that can help heal, reduce pain, and restore your movement. The major focus of physiotherapy post-stroke is to help patients regain their strength and restore mobility in all possible ways along with medicines and a healthy diet. A physiotherapist is trained to understand and treat the changes caused by neurological conditions that affect the nervous system, including stroke.

After a stroke, the brain cannot grow new cells to replace the ones that have already been damaged. Hence, the recovery depends on the brain’s ability to reorganise the undamaged cells and make for the one which is lost. A physiotherapist can provide expert guidance to help. They tend to work with the stroke members, ensuring that physiotherapists can help with the range of problems that are caused by stroke. Along with the physiotherapists, the team consists of occupational therapists, physicians, nurses, speak and language therapists, other specialists, and social workers. This team is called the stroke rehabilitation team.

Based on your needs, a physiotherapist will:-

• Help avoid complications that can hinder recovery.

• Help you position the patient comfortable when sitting, lying, and how often they should be moved.

• Encourage and motivate the individuals to be active and get them involved in physiotherapy sessions to help them restore normal patterns of movement.

• Offer personalised therapeutic treatment to strengthen muscles and limbs and teach how to move again as independently as possible.

• Help work together with the rehabilitation program to support recovery in a coordinated way.

It is very important to stay active as much as possible after the stroke so that you can return back to normal as soon as possible.

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