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Fountain Pens: A Beginner's Guide

It is time to take the mystery out of the fountain pen. Many individuals consider Fountain Pens Melbourne to be antiquated, cumbersome, or downright terrifying. However, once you have used a fountain pen, you will easily discover that they are not unique from any other pen. Simply place the tip on the paper and begin writing.
However, there is a learning process, so in this tutorial, we will give some directions and suggestions that we have found useful for folks who are just starting started or need a review. Do not fret if you do not know everything there is to know about fountain pens; we will clarify everything as we go. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns regarding how to use your pen.
What Is A Fountain Pen And How Do I Use It?
- Install The Ink
Fountain pens nearly typically come with the ink cartridge closed and uninstalled, therefore you 'all have to install it before using the pen. To do just that, follow these steps:
- Remove the grip piece of the pen from the barrel and look for the ink cartridge. It is possible that the ink cartridge will be housed inside the barrels. If the cartridge becomes trapped inside the barrel, simply tap your pen hard on the table to remove it.
- Push the cartridge's closed end into the grip area until the seal is ruptured and the cartridge is firmly seated. The sealed end is typically (but not always!) the narrower end, and it is closed with a clear plastic barrier or a little metal or plastic ball. If you are still unsure how to connect your pen's inkjet printer, check out our instruction here, and please contact us if you have any concerns!
- Put the pen back together. It may take some time for the ink to properly soak the pen, so do not be afraid if it does not begin writing immediately.
- When choosing refill cartridges, keep in mind that not all Fountain Pens Melbourne are functional with the same cartridges, so double-check the Preferred Refills list for your pen.
Certain fountain pens could use bottled fountain pen ink via a built-in filling mechanism or a connector, which is a cartridge-shaped gadget. Many individuals prefer bottled inks to cartridges since they exist in a wider range of colors and are more cost-effective over time.
2) Hold It Right
Keep the pen at a 45 angle to the paper, with the nib elevated above the feed. If you put it inverted or at an angle that is too high or low, it will not write correctly.
Also, avoid twisting the pen in the hand clockwise or counterclockwise. As you write, the ends of the two nib tines should lay equally on the page. Consequently, the ink split between them will lack contact with the paper, causing the pen to skip or completely cease writing.
3) Don't Exert Too Much Pressure
Fountain Pens Melbourne requires far less pressure to write than ballpoint or gel pens. In fact, applying much more pressure to a fountain pen can prohibit it from writing properly and may even ruin it. Most fountain pens could write with little force at all, whereas others need a small amount.
4) Have It Under Control
When not in use, fountain pens must always be closed or retracted. If the ink in the nib dries out, the pen will stop working the next time you are using it.
If the nib ever becomes dry, scribbling for a few minutes or putting a drop of water to the tip to rehydrate the ink will typically get it writing again.


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