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Can I Maintain My Assets in Probate While I'm Still Residing in Florida?

Many folks wonder if they can keep their assets while they are currently living in Florida. After all, is there a waiting period for probate? You would think that once a person passes away, they would go to the probate house, and have their assets distributed immediately, but this is not always the case.
Probate is a process that is really long and depending on where you live, you could be in the midst of a courtroom. The probate attorney that you use should know that.
Laws differ from state to state, so you need to get an attorney that specializes in. It is important because if you hire an attorney who specializes in Florida probate, you may be making a mistake, that you find a lawyer to work with.
Now that you know there'll be no waiting period for probate, you need to find out how long you'll need to remain in the probate house. The process could take, although Florida probate laws say that it's three months.
You will need to get a second opinion if you are going to stay in the probate house longer than three months. You may have found a lawyer that specializes in Florida probate that has a fantastic history, but they might be unable to work with your situation.
So the best thing would be to have two attorneys check in on your situation. By doing this, you have a second opinion, and you've got somebody who specializes in the matter that will help out you.
You will discover that when you consult with two unique lawyers he or she will have different opinions on what your situation is, and that is how you can be sure to get the best advice for your situation. The more people you have that have different opinions, the better chance you have of receiving the best possible outcome for your situation.
Before you're considering staying in the probate house so it is always best to speak with a probate lawyer. Then you can start to avoid the possibility of being sent to the probate home in the first location and planning for the future.


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