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How can CBD Oil Help with Child Aggression?

For various reasons, a child can go through phases where they cannot control their emotions. Sometimes, this can be a reason for them to turn aggressive. Although this might merely be a phase for some, certain mental health conditions cause some children to never grow out of it. The longer this issue stays unresolved, the more destruction they cause themselves and others. If you have a child struggling with aggression, CBD oil might help.

Do you blame it on genetics? Or maybe you thought something was wrong with your parenting? The reasons for aggression among children can be an assortment of things. Some of the most common ones include brain injury, conduct disorder, frustration, impulsivity, mood disorders, psychosis, or trauma.

To fully know if CBD oil can indeed help your child, it is essential first to determine what is causing the aggression in the first place. CBD oil won't work for environmental influences, like bullying or issues at home. However, many studies have shown that CBD oil can indeed help with medically triggered aggression.

CBD Oil for Brain Injury

A child with epileptic episodes that caused damage to the frontal lobe of their brain may develop problems with controlling their actions and expressing themselves. CBD oil can help with brain injuries among children by protecting brain cells and promoting neurogenesis.

CBD Oil for Mood Disorders

Mood disorders such as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder can cause kids to feel agitated to the point of aggression. Their moods can drastically change, which they can find very confusing, especially that they have yet to learn to control their emotions. CBD oil can elevate chemicals that usually lack in brains with mood disorders, and help repair any damage caused.

CBD Oil for Conduct Disorder

Most children with conduct disorder also have other disorders like anxiety, PTSD, learning problems, and ADHD. For this disorder, the best route for treatment is to seek out therapy. If your child has a comorbid disorder like ADHD, CBD oil can be of great help in making the therapy less challenging.

CBD Oil for Psychosis

Psychosis is present in disorders like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and can cause a child to become aggressive. Your child can become paranoid, and take it out on their peers or family. Research has shown that in a psychotic episode, a person has more anandamide in their brain fluid, which may be how the brain fights the episode. CBD oil use elevates this chemical so that it might help with a child's psychosis.

CBD Oil for Frustration

It is easy for children to get frustrated over many things, especially on those that they do not have any control over. However, if a child has anxiety, a learning disability, or any mental disorder, they may have a hard time controlling how they react, fueling increased frustration. CBD oil has shown to reduce amygdala activity, which can lead to feelings of agitation, anxiety, and frustration.

CBD Oil for Trauma

A child who has gone through trauma can develop PTSD and show some symptoms of anger. Those crucial parts in their brain that help them control their emotions and fear have been damaged by extreme stress, making them more likely to take out their stressors on the people around them. CBD oil can help with aggression and other PTSD symptoms by decreasing overactivity in the brain.

CBD for Impulsivity

Trauma, injury, anxiety, BPD, bipolar disorder and many other mental health issues can lead to impulsivity. This is because different diseases involve some damage to the hippocampus, where the brain controls impulses. CBD can help promote neurogenesis in this part of the brain, showing that it can help with impulse control.

If your child is showing aggressive behavior, the first step is also a professional health care provider. These professionals can help you determine the reason why your child feels uncontrollable. If you think CBD oil can help you, let your health professional know.


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