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Top 10 Best Healthcare Startup In India

There is no doubt that the health care sector has become more popular nowadays in terms of revenue & employment. According to Deloitte Standard, the Indian health care market is worth around US$ 100 billion & it is expected that to reach a CAGR of 23 percent of US$ 280 billion by 2020. This growing market has led to many health care startups in India. They basically serve various health care segments, book appointments, selling medicine online & operate as commercialized sectors.
In this article, I am going to introduce the Top 10 best health care startups which are successfully running across India. This article will also give a brief overview of each of them

AddressHealth:- It is a Bangalore based clinic that provides one-stop-shop pediatric health care services. The main Moto of it is to create a new address for childcare. It believes that parents, schools & the community must address children’s health proactively.
Co-founders:- Anand Lakshman, Anoop Radhakrishnan
Foundation year:-2010
Based in:- Bangalore
Contact id- Info@addresshealth.com

2)Bloodsure:- It is a platform where patients & their families can get valuable blood whenever they are in need of it. While people are in an emergency they can connect with It. It has a mission of eradicating blood shortage in India.
Co-founder:- Raghav Baldwa
Foundation year:- 2012
Based in:- Indore
Contact:- 094250 69230

3)Consure Medical:- It is appearing as a medical device company basically focused on developing & commercializing novel critical care technology.
Co-founders: Nish Chasmawala, Amit Sharma
Foundation Year: 2012
Based In:- New Delhi
Contact: info@consuremedical.com
Website:- https://www.consuremedical.com/

4) Cooey:- It is an IoT platform that provides the user to collect, store, analyze & share their medical summary with doctors.
It provides personalized health tips to patients according to their medical profile. It also helps patients connect to various healthcare service providers to get personalized services i.e medicine, lab test, home care services.

Co-founders: Manu Madhusudanan, TP Prabhakaran
Foundation Year: 2015
Based In: Bangalore
Contact: support@cooey.co.in

5) DocEngage:- It is a healthcare platform that empowers care providers to manage the life cycle end to end.
Co-founders: Asha Satapathy, Ahimanikya Satapathy
Foundation Year: 2013
Based In: Bangalore
Contact: info@docengage.in

6) EURO Health:- It is a health care platform that looks after the entire family’s health-related matter & provides a convenient solution & hassle-free life. People can book according to their health care services with one click or just giving a call.
Co-founders: Sudip Mukherjee, Chandrima Mukherjee
Foundation Year: 2013
Based In: Kolkata
Contact: 1800 532 1555

7) Fitgo:- It helps working professionals to control lifestyle disorders by providing the requirement for different health needs like weight management, cholesterol control, diabetes control, stress management, etc.
Founder: Ankit Agarwal
Foundation Year: 2015
Based In: Bangalore
Contact: care@fitgo.in

8) FitMein:- It helps to make people ‘s life healthier & improve their physical, mental & spiritual state of being.
Founder: Nidhisha Varshney
Founding Year: 2015
Based In: Delhi
Contact: info@fitmein.in

9)FitPass:- It is India’s largest fitness network of 3500+ gyms & fitness studios. It allows you to workout anytime & anywhere.
Founder: Akshay Verma
Founding Year: 2015
Based In: Delhi
Contact: care@fitpass.co.in

10) Zotezo:- It basically caters to your various needs on health, beauty, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle in one place.
Be it looking at buying products or reading their reviews, getting the best tips for great health or connecting with the experts on health, beauty & fitness, we are sure that you will find zotezo.com a useful place to visit for your and your family's wellbeing.

Founder:- Deepak A Saraf
Founding year:- 2014
Based In:- Bangalore, Kolkata
Website:- https://www.zotezo.com/

Conclusion:- Health is the most important factor. Without being healthy a person will not be successful in life. All these startups are working hard to keep you safe, fit & healthy. It can be said that if any medical startup is doing good that means they are thinking about their customers and their health.


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