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Top 5 Trendy Kitchen Designs

Good kitchen design provides an efficient and pleasant area to prepare meals and accommodate family gatherings. Long gone are the days when the kitchen is placed at the back of the house looking plain and boring. Now it has become the heart of the house where people love to gather, dine, and celebrate special occasions. This is why choosing a kitchen design should be carefully done.

When remodeling your kitchen, it is recommended to choose the latest design so it looks new even after many years. It can be overwhelming to choose one design from the hundreds of kitchen designs found online or in books and magazines. To help you out I’ve gathered 5 of the trendiest kitchen designs of this year.

1. Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen. Connecting your kitchen to the outdoors is like having a new room to entertain your guests. If you are planning for a big renovation, enlarge your indoor kitchen by installing glass walls and doors to enjoy the beauty of outdoor even when you are in the kitchen. This is great especially for big gatherings as it provides a relaxing space for your guests. When you’re cooking, open the windows and doors to make it feel like your cooking outside. The design works well especially if you have a beautiful garden and loves having barbecue parties.

2. Minimalist. Sounds simple and boring but this design makes a kitchen look elegant even with simple designs. The theme works great for small kitchen as it makes the room looks spacious. The idea is to use one or two light color paints and contrast it with one bright color. The design lets you express yourself more as it allows easy changing of color schemes without spending too much. For instance, you want your kitchen to look refreshing like nature, use bright greens on your decors and small appliances like an electric kettle then add plants to give it a nature effect.

3. Dark Cabinets. Light colored kitchens are easy to design but if you are bolder, use dark colors for your cabinets. Dark colors were avoided for indoor paints to avoid dark ambiance. But with the right color combination and styling, dark colors can turn a kitchen an elegant room. Black, navy blue, and emerald green are only few of the many dark colors you can use for cabinets. Blend it with neutral colored walls like beige, dark flooring, and add some lightings to enhance the color of the kitchen and achieve that sophisticated look.

4. Patterned and textured backsplash. Break away from traditional plain colored walls and make your backsplash distinct from others. Enhance your kitchen design with stylish patterns that complements your theme and color scheme. Backsplashes are highly popular and have wide selection allowing you to choose any pattern and color that fits your dream kitchen.

5. Stylish White and stainless-steel appliances are outdated. Now, you don’t have to worry of having a blue theme kitchen while having a huge silver toned refrigerator in the center. New appliances allow you to match them with your stylish kitchen design as many of them are available in different colors and style. For instance, red retro electric kettles and cookers.


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