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In this article, you will receive advice on how to organize a wedding (and how to hold a wedding). Tips on preparing for the wedding step by step, will lead you to the wedding of your dreams!

First you need to create a list of everything to do. Include in it even such simple tasks as booking a transfer, or little things like wearing wedding shoes. Then everything will be under control.

For priority tasks, try to keep the time frame as far as possible, so that in the end you don’t have to start preparations for six months, one month before the wedding. Tightening the final decision, too long the process of selection, the endless shuffling of specialists can lead to unpleasant consequences. The only thing that can be reviewed almost before the wedding itself is the seating of guests. Their number may change at the last moment.

If you understand that there is not enough time for everything and you need support, attract friends and family members to help with specific tasks.
With any budget, try to consider the option of attracting a wedding manager / coordinator or wedding agency. So you will not only save time and energy, but also get an expert assessment, help in choosing and more favorable conditions from specialists.

Wedding planning usually takes several months. This time is enough to have time to realize their dreams. starting training in advance, you can choose the best.


1. When setting the date of the wedding, carefully analyze all the pros and cons of the season, day of the week, holidays during the celebration.

2. Dream and do not give up. Stylish wedding - the result of a long and hard work on every detail. A beautiful picture is made up of little things.

3. Describe your perfect wedding and find those details in your dreams that will distinguish your celebration from others. Focus on them.

4. Try to be meticulous in preparing for the wedding and follow the deadlines. Use the "Organizer" for planning and control. wedding planner will help you with this!

5. Do not try to make everything perfect the first time. Create a rough outline of the budget, layout plan and schedule of the day and refine them gradually.

6. A wedding lasts only one day, and preparation for it lasts several months. Enjoy every day.

7. Respect the people you cooperate with, whom you hire to work at your wedding. Be thankful.

8. Carefully refer to the guest list. Try not to offend anyone.

9. Open a wedding bank account where family members and friends can transfer funds to prepare for the event.

10. Rest, take breaks.

Authors: Devaraj Ramasubramanian – Wedding planner in Chennai


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