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10 Simple Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Aren’t you exasperated for people perpetually shouting at you “fatty” in a most bizarre way? Are these voices haunting you relentlessly giving you sleepless nights? Is this compelling you to have the only mouthful of food on a regular basis in your diet? You can’t just wait till the cows come home…Instead, adapt your lifestyle accordingly to bulwark against such remarks & get the shape of your dreams. Without any shadow of a doubt, belly fat does look awful & puts you down. It’s one of the major reasons to cause health issues over the long run & make you feel viscerally low.

In your sedentary lifestyle, you got to keep your eye on the ball in the business all the time. Surrounded by this vying environment you hardly get time to exercise. Diet plans become an onerous task to follow which in turn increases the enormity of losing fat.

Alas! What is the best way out now to lose belly fat? Well! Contemplating the idea of losing weight by following these 10 simple exercises can simply work the best.

Give me 10- Ready! Set! Go!

•Crunches –
Crunches are one of the basic fat burning exercises highly recommended by fitness trainers. It burns the fat faster. Move in a controlled manner, flexing and releasing the core muscles thus helping to build the abs,

•Planks –
It requires minimal moment. It helps to strengthen the core. The muscles, bones and joints of both upper & lower body are intact & keep them strong.

•Lunges –
Keeping the spine straight and moving the leg forward helps to reduce the fat quickly. This works effectively when done on both legs alternatively.

•Leg Raise/Alternate leg raise –
One of the effective exercises practiced to burn excess fat. Doing alternate leg raises does help in strengthening the core.

•Bicycle Exercise-
Lying on the floor and peddling in the air or primarily called bicycle crunches help to develop your core strength and muscular tone. It does burn very few calories.

•Bending side to side –
Simplest of all exercises. Any age group can do this exercise. The side bends helps to strengthen the core muscles & melt the love handles away.

Cardio comes in many forms. A rigorous work out for 30 minutes helps to burn 250-300 calories. Walking, running & jogging are the best cardio workouts to choose for a regular routine. These majorly contribute for weight loss.

A brisk walk for an hour can burn down 300-400 calories. You can start of walking for 30 minutes & gradually increase to an hour. An evening bracing walk does bring serenity to life!

It’s one of the best cardiovascular exercises to burn the fat belly. A short jog for 20 minutes is good enough to burn the fat. Practiced on a regular basis, jogging helps to curb fat profusely.

Running does help to lose weight. In fact, it does shed more pounds by burning more calories than you consume. Running 2-3 miles accounts a solid workout burning 200-300 calories.

•Suryanamaskar –
If you are doing Suryanamaskar or Sun salutation you are actually performing 12 asanas/ exercises. Ideally 12 rounds of Suryanamaskar are to be practiced daily for strengthening of muscles & burning adequate calories. The Vata, pita & Kapha are also balanced.

There are plenty more exercises followed and practiced everywhere in various postures. Choose 4 to 5 simple exercises daily to burn the fat. Practiced regularly will yield good results & you do not have to go schlepping around for shortcuts for weight loss.


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