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Top 5 Hack & Slash Games to Play Today

It is often a bit hard to determine where Hack & Slash games genre starts and where does it end, as most often some of the coolest and most widely acclaimed and praised games contain at least a little bit of hacking and slashing! Usually these games involve loads of enemies, a supernatural hero ready to define all the laws of logic, reason, and physics, as well as series of levels which you have to complete and some awesome visually and mechanically captivating boss fights to partake in! If you want to act as a god amongst men about whom the legends are told for generations to come, we have prepared quite a list of our Top 5 recommendations for Hack & Slash games.

Diablo 3

The very first in out list is the epic dungeon crawler by Blizzard. Welcome to the world of Sanctuary, that has befallen to the dark and mysterious forces from beneath. Pick your character out from numerous classes, gear it up, weaponize it and enter a journey of your life! Face swarms of enemies, group with other players all around the world, explore numerous dungeons and traverse various landscapes to boost up your character and become the sole protector of the world ravaged by darkness. It’s your time to shine!

Darksiders III

Hack & Slash games vary in form and execution, but this action-adventure hack & slash piece stands strong to the genre defining characteristics and provides a piece as challenging and entertaining as it can get. Enter a world where the seven sins have escaped their underground captivity and materialized into a mortal form, now they have overtaken the earthly lands and are ruling with unscrupulous and ruthless taste. Play as FURY, the sister of the Apocalypse Horsemen, and set them back where they came from with a first-class ticket in hand!

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry, or in short DMC, is far from your typical form of hack & slash games entertainment. Set on a journey as a half breed demon-angel child, that has grown into a snobby horror for demons as well as men to face. We are not presenting a single DMC game in here, but rather the talk is about the whole bunch of hack & slash games in the franchise, as each release is better than the last, and each of the series presents something new and thrilling, mechanically and narratively, to play through. DMC has earned its rightful place amongst the TOP 5, gives this one some attention, and are certain to love it.

Lords of the Fallen

Drawing inspiration from Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen just barely fits in the hack & slash games genre and would much rather go in the Impossible to Beat Top 5 Games list. In a world where each sin is a punishable offence, the evil forces still found its way back to the mortal realm. Humanities peacefulness has brought it to a doomsday as there’s, but a one man left, that can oppose the newly risen darkness platoon. Play as Harklyn, a marked sinner, and face the dangers which are brutal and fierce beyond no boundaries. This game offers a crushing experience where you’ll only succeed by failing and learning from your mistakes!

Dynasty Warriors 8

Dynasty Warriors is the last in our Top 5 Hack & Slash games list for a reason, there’s little to none in games that can be considered as a hack & slash genre representation better than this walkthrough of the Chinese culture and might. Enter an ever-lasting war, struggle for power, dominance of the continents and numerous political agendas, where war veterans are the greatest leaders. You will pick one of the most known heroes of the time, and command armies, initiate in political deeds, and participate in massive battles against other players for the ultimate prize: being a part of an all-consuming history!


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