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How to Improve the SEO of Your Website

A number of factors contribute in improving upon the SERP rankings of any website. When visitors find your site interesting and user-friendly, they tend to spend more time on it and repeat their visits subsequently. User engagement is particularly significant besides the content is rich in keywords. Here are some of the factors which can contribute significantly to the improvement in SEO for your website:

Website Architecture and Navigation

One of the first and foremost factors which critically affects your website is the Architecture and Navigation. In fact, it is the foundation of your site. It is easy for the search engine crawlers to index those websites which have a well thought out and meticulously crafted site architecture. This becomes not only significant in helping visitors find all the relevant parts of your website, but also gives them a reason to return and become repeat visitors. This can dramatically improve the SEO rankings.

Page Loading Speed

The major search engines including Google and Bing do take page loading speed as one of the factors in their ranking algorithm. Waiting time beyond visitor’s patience can hurt the number of people visiting your website. It ultimately results in a huge increase in the bounce rate. There are a number of ways in which the loading speed of any website can be increased. Some of the methods include by using a caching plugin on your site and making sure the code is clean, by minimizing redirects and optimizing image sizes.

Relevant Content and its Promotion

Using Highly relevant and useful content for your audience to arouse their interest is quite significant. It is not enough to simply produce high-quality content. You need to promote your content also by using various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Install social sharing buttons on your website for sharing your content. Various social media promotional strategies, when used effectively can contribute to a significant boost in the traffic of your blog/website.

Guest Blogging on Other Sites

Getting a guest post published on any reputable site within your niche can absolutely increase the traffic on your website. In fact, if done in accordance with the latest guidelines set by Google can work wonders for enhancing your brand name. Reputable websites are a great source of providing quality traffic. Also, stay away from using unfair or spammy techniques which can unfortunately otherwise, result in heavy penalties for your website.

Internal Linking

An internal linking structure is highly significant and determines the overall strength of your link profile. It also helps to improve your ranking for the critical keywords within your website. Also, it is a strong signal for the search engines that your content is considered significant. In fact, internal linking helps Google to index your pages more efficiently.

Improving the Formatting within your content

Making content easy to read by using proper formatting along with a user-friendly layout can definitely make your readers stay on your site longer and make the site more user- friendly. Some of the additional tips which you can incorporate in your formatting include using font sizes that are easy to read, using short paragraphs and enough line spacing between them, breaking up content into sections with subheads. Using numbered lists for better clarity and header tags that include keywords also surely helps in increasing search engine rankings.
There are a plethora of companies out there located in many major cities offering SEO based services for improving the traffic of your website. Similar to all the techniques discussed above, every company including SEO company in Delhi also use effective techniques for their clients and prospects for improving their website rankings and the overall traffic.

Making sure your site is responsive

Gone are the days when most of the people browsing the Internet were using desktop PCs. As per the latest statistics, a large majority of people use mobile devices for accessing the web. You should make sure that your website is viewable across different kind of devices including laptops, iPads, tablets, smartphones and so forth.
If you are unable to manage to have a well-designed and responsive website, you will be losing a number of visitors, who otherwise would have landed on your website. Therefore, your website should ideally be able to accommodate any kind of image size and resolution.


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