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7 Best Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations That You Can Go To!

7 Best Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations That You Can Go To!
What could be a more obvious way to overcome the days, weeks and long months of marital stress instead of enjoying the moment alone with the love of your life on an abandoned island or beach? Would not it be romantic to jog in the middle of the sea from your newly married husband's hand and relax in the comfortable and welcoming breeze of Top Budget Honeymoon Destination in Asia?
Asia is not only the largest continent on the planet, it is certainly the most romantic destination. From affordable honeymoon vacations to first class luxury honeymoon packages, you can find almost everything to meet your Asian desires.
So here's a list of 15 of Asia's most popular honeymoon destinations at this time. Note that this list is not in any particular order of preferences.
1. Bali, Indonesia
Just mention Bali generates charming images of volcanoes and private beaches. Bali is a beautiful island that can get a little crowded during the summer, but the bride can definitely escape to a romantic villa on the beach or any other economic haven surrounded by beautiful rainforests.
Things to do in Bali
Explore the beautiful old temples in Bali with your wife
Art lovers can visit Ubud, considered by many to be the artistic capital of the island. It has lots of workshops and museums to explore.
• Adventure seekers can make trip trips to explore the famous volcanoes here: Giant Agung Mountain and Mount Bator Burn.
• For water lovers, diving is again a good activity.
• Remove the child from the water in Jimbaran Bay
• Enjoy the quietness of the romantic beaches with your best.
Duration: You can go from 10 to 15 days from your schedule to enjoy a trip to Bali.
Package cost: To visit Bali, you need a budget about 1.5 lacquer lacquer 2. This includes:
A return trip cost / person of 52,000 and a land package that can start from about INR 60,000 per couple.
Best time: May, June and July are the best months to visit Bali
2. Singapore
Singapore is the perfect marvel of the Asian continent. What makes the city truly exhilarating is its innumerable romantic sport which combines well with modern architecture and natural beauty that makes it one of the best destinations for honeymooning in Asia. See more romantic honeymoon packages in Singapore to make your first love trip the most attractive.
Things to do in Singapore
• For those who enjoy nature, Singapore Botanical Garden is a great place.
• When you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the Sungei Bloh Nature Reserve of the city's wetlands, it can be an ideal place.
• If you want a romantic night, go to Marina Bay to enjoy a breathtaking view. It has an infinity pool where you can enjoy and enjoy the water.
• For Indians who may lose their homes, small India is their hiding place.
Duration: Explore this beautiful city in 3 nights or on a 4-day vacation.
Package cost: You'll need a budget of around 2.5 to 2.7 lacs to enjoy the place better. This includes:
Per person, the cost of round-trip airfare is 25,700 Indian rupees and the earth honeymoon package is about 1.3 lax.
Best time: Singapore remains beautiful and pleasing throughout the year, however, if you plan to leave in September, you can attend events like the Singapore Grand Prix.
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3. Maldives
The Maldives is not only the smallest island country, but also the most beautiful country in the world. The place is so beautiful that it can add a touch of strangeness to your romantic life. The Maldives, famous for its romantic atmosphere, clean water and the finest diving scene, is one of the most suitable destinations for honeymooning in Asia. The attractive honeymoon resorts and floating bungalows located in Blue Water are definitely an advantage of the Maldives that will make you simply want to settle here with your partner.
Things to Do in Maldives:
• Taste delicious seafood and delicious Maldivian cuisine.
• Adventure sports such as diving and diving.
• The couple can also enjoy romantic walks on the beach on those romantic nights by the moon.
Duration: You can spend a honeymoon from 8 to 10 days in the Maldives
4. Japan
When planning a honeymoon in Asia, how can you miss Japan? Located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is a beautiful desert island. Japan boasts of royal palaces, many temples and holy places, skyscrapers cities and innumerable national parks, and Japan has a lot to offer. For all carrot lovers, this is where you should be at the top of the wish list.
Things to Do in Japan
• Enjoy a magnificent view of the majestic mountain. Fuji
• Shopping in Mecca - Al-Arjoum
• Visit different sacred sites.
Visit the Disney Sea
When you are tired of all the roaming, you can enjoy some time alone by staying in those traditional Ryokans.
Duration: A trip of 4 days and 3 nights to Japan will be enough to explore beautiful Japan. However, based on time and budget, you can extend the vacation to the time you want.
Package Cost: To visit Japan, you must have a budget for about 3 layers of shellac which includes:
For each person, the cost of roundtrip airfare is 42,828 Indian Rupees, plus a Honeymoon Package starting at 1.75am.
Best time to visit: April and May are the best time to explore the country. During this time, Japan looks dazzling as cherry blossoms flourish throughout the country. The weather is also nice.
Package Cost: In order to better explore the Maldives, you will need a budget of 1.2 to 2 lac, which will include a round trip of 26,000 Indian rupees and a floor group that usually starts from 70,000 rupees per couple.
Best time: May, June and July are the best months to visit Singapore.
5. South Korea
South Korea is famous for its cultural heritage and is one of the least visited but fascinating destinations on the continent. Those who enjoy shopping, there are many options available. Whether in authentic craft shops, expensive designer boutiques, or low-cost shopping malls, you may find everything here.
Things to Do in South Korea
• Explore ancient architecture such as the Chunggyongjong mansion, Gyeongbukjong and Deoxujong.
• Mobility through countless art galleries.
• For those who love the concert, Seoul is a must.
• South Korea's districts have attractive nightlife areas
Duration: You can plan a trip for 4 nights and 5 days to South Korea.
Package cost: Set a budget of around 2 lira per trip for this trip, including a round trip per person of approximately Rs. 43,000 and an Indian Rs 99,000.
Best time: The perfect time to visit South Korea starts from the beginning of the spring season to the summer months, usually from March to May. The visit may also be during the autumn months, from September to November, a good idea.
6. Turkey
A beautiful destination for honeymooning on the mainland is Turkey. Located in West Asia and Eastern Europe. With a variety of cultural blend of the Byzantine, Persian, Ottoman and Greek empires, Turkey can be the ideal cultural haven for the bride.
Things to do in Turkey
• Stay in the cave complex Cappadocia curious and vital.
• Do not miss out on relaxing spas, paradise or aromatic saunas.
• Experience the true colors of the country and participate in the hot balloon journey.
Duration: You can plan a 7 day tour and 6 nights to Turkey.
Package cost: Select a budget for about 2 lacs to enjoy the best honeymoon in Turkey. This includes one-way round-trip per person at an estimated cost of 42,000 Indian rupees and a set of land for one pair of paint.
Best time: Climate in Turkey is flexible, but the months from August to November are perfect.
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7. Koh Samui, Thailand
Koh Samui is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, with beaches lined with palm trees and blue waters.
Things to do in Koh Samui
• Couples who enjoy beer love the place for its various types. Koh Samui is full of beer bars that give you a delicious local beer for 2 years.
• Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy diving and diving in the island's clear waters.
• Nightlife scene in Chaweng Beach is simply unacceptable.
Duration: The vacation will be from 5 to 7 days great.
Package cost: We expect to calculate approximately 1.5 lacquer to 2 lacquer here. This includes roundtrip airfare of 44,000 Indian rupees and one plot of land starting from 53,000 rupees per couple.
Best time: June is the ideal month to visit Koh Samui.
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