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7 Essential SEO Browser Extensions & Plugins

The vast plurality use browsers to access the web.
But most SEO professionals take it a step further and use those same browsers to do a lot more.
It some of the most important tools in my magazine browser and its extensions.

So let us dive right in and see what we can do with them. And the best part is all of them are free

1.Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is built on Chrome so everything available to you there is available in Ghost Browser… and more.
The biggest reason I switched to Ghost Browser is for what they call sessions. Each of these colors represents a session and they are independent which is why one of them is not logged in, one can be logged in and another is logged in from a different location

2.Chrome Developer Tools

There is virtually no way I could cover all the features, functions, and uses of Chrome Developer Tools in this article.The tool is built into Chrome and is accessed via Chrome Menu > More tools > Developer tools.
Easily the most common tasks I use it for is to find code determines the size of elements and troubleshoot them. That is, you re seeing how your browser on your connection is impacted by the resources being loaded you can even adjust the code right in the Developer Tools to see how it would render prior to making the changes to the live site. You can do this on the desktop site or set it to render the page as it would on many popular mobile devices.

3.SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a classic among the extensions and plugins used by SEO pros and for good reason. On any given web page a simple click to pull in the metrics will list back-links data, cache dates, indexing information, and more. Perfect when you need just some limited info or are on a phone call and need to pull up some core metrics.

4.User-Agent Switcher

This is extremely helpful when developing new sites – especially when that site is built using less predictable technologies. I can’t count the number of times I have it to troubleshoot crawl issues or uncover differences in how Google bot is viewing a page versus a browser. Obviously, it can also be helpful when determining how a site will load with different browsers or operating systems as well

5.Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant is an extremely useful tool, especially for those who use Google Tag Manager. The icon for the extension changes color depending on whether there are issues detected and makes note of the issues when clicked. Search Engine Journal gets a green light, as illustrated above, but warnings and errors get reported when there are duplicate or empty tags or tags not configured properly.

6.Show Title Tag

By no me you can move it to any of the corners of the browser and the red text indicates where it’s likely to be cut off in the search result
This plugin is also helpful when you’re navigating your own site, highlighting instances where your title might be too long. and a critical plugin but a handy one, Show Title Tag simply displays the page title within the browser.

7.Ghost Proxy Control

The Ghost Proxy Control extension comes pee-loaded with Ghost Browser.Basically, you can add your proxies in and access them easily via the extension.
One of the big perks to the combo of Ghost Browser and Ghost


There are definitely more browser extensions and plugins than what
I have included on this list of essentials. However, most of thos
require subscriptions, are too similar to one of those noted above,
or dont apply to the duties of virtually every SEO pro I know.
For example, Moz and Buzz sumo have great extensions. But they can be quite frustrating unless you have a paid subscription.

By: ashish jain

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