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4 Surprising Benefits Of Strengthening Your Core

Having a strong core is about much more than just having a six-pack. The core muscles, a complex series of muscles from below the chest to the waist, work together to support your body. Many of the everyday movements we make are supported by this part of our body, so having a strong core supports your whole body when moving or exerting yourself. Developing these muscles can play a large part in avoiding back pain and other potential injuries (such as herniated discs and strained muscles), while underdeveloped core muscles can lead to a host of potential health problems.

Reducing pain

Having a strong core can help to prevent and treat back pain. So we have Back pain care in Hialeah Gardens. A strong core will help to prevent your back from getting sore after a long day of work or after heavy lifting. For individuals with a back injury, some basic core stability exercises will play a big part in effectively reducing pain and discomfort. The strengthened muscles will be better equipped to balance your body and support it as it moves, preventing aggravation of the inflamed area and promoting more efficient body function.


The stability of your spinal column is dependent on the muscles around it to keep things held in place properly. For many patients, back pain leads to decreased activity and also decreased strength. A chiropractor can recommend a number of simple, low impact exercises that will help to stabilize the core. That stronger core will help to hold your spine in its proper position, avoiding further injury and helping to reduce pain.

Improving posture

Weak core muscles lead to slouching. The modern lifestyle, with sitting for prolonged periods and spending lots of time looking at a computer, has led to postural problems and slouching for many people today, so much so that you might not even realize that you’re doing it. Strengthening your core will help you to maintain a strong, confident posture, and keeping proper posture is important to prevent unnecessary strain on your spine, neck, and surrounding muscles. Having a strong core will help to keep you sitting and standing up straight through the day, which is important for your long-term spinal health.

Feel better

Having a strong core helps you to feel better. Your newfound strength and stability will help to stay active and pain-free, and looking fit doesn’t hurt either! If you are working through an injury or back pain, a strong core will help you to feel better faster and prevent re-injury or aggravation of the injury in the future.

Back Extension Exercises

The number one core strengthening exercise that the chiropractors at Vida Chiropractic recommend is called Back Extension. Chiropractic physicians love this exercise so much because besides strengthening and stabilizing your core muscles, back extension exercises will also help people with herniated discs avoid spinal surgery. So we have Chiropractic Care in Hialeah Gardens.

Speak to a chiropractor at Vida Chiropractic in Hialeah Gardens today about back extensions, and other exercises that can help strengthen your core. Since there are a couple of ways to perform back extension exercises, the chiropractor will teach you which would be the best way to do it depending on your current situation. They can also suggest a workout plan that is tailored to your needs, as not all will be the same. If you are looking for injury prevention or postural improvement, the exercises will likely be different than what would be prescribed for someone experiencing back pain or dealing with an injury. A chiropractor may also suggest manual adjustments as part of your regimen, which will help with healing and strengthening your back.

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