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Breast Reduction: 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose It!

Having large breasts is not all that fun! Especially for women with small frames large breasts become a matter of concern. Apart from dealing with a disproportionate body, carrying those extra pounds everywhere can instigate other health problems too like shoulder grooving, back & neck pain, and even sweating and rashes. However, a lot of women are aware of breast reduction surgery in Mumbai but the treatment is also misunderstood in a big-big way.

There are many women who are unhappy about the size, shape and firmness of their breasts and not sure about whether they should opt for a breast reduction surgery or not. For all those women and many more here’s our list of top 5 reasons why you should choose breast reduction surgery...

1. Suitable for all sizes:
There’s no cup size criteria for breast reduction. If you thought only people with over-sized breasts can get benefited from the treatment then you must know that it is not the case. People with medium-sized breasts can also go for a breast reduction surgery. It is certainly apt for individuals with sagging breasts (low-hanging breasts), those with back pain or the ones getting troubled performing various day-to-day activities because of heavy and over-sized breasts. Also, for women whose breasts have grown a size or two bigger as a result of pregnancy.

2. Suitable for all ages:
Breast reduction surgery is good for all candidates from teens to older mature women. The only criteria to go about it is that you are healthy and ready to endure the surgery. So, if you are experiencing any symptoms relating to the size of your breasts no matter what’s your age; you can bring the matter up and consult a plastic surgeon before opting for a breast reduction surgery.

3. An outpatient procedure:
Even though it may sound like a serious surgical treatment, bread reduction surgery is actually not that intense or time consuming. The patients are released the same day after the surgery and the recovery period is also quick and does not cause any discomfort. The entire procedure takes approximately 3 hours and everything is done under the skin under general anesthesia.

4. Includes breast lift also:
Despite the name of the treatment, breast reduction surgery in Mumbai and across the globe gets completed with a breast lift always. It is not just about a removing tissue but also about tailoring of the skin to fit the reduced tissue.

5. Embrace a new cup size:
Yes, breast reduction surgery can actually make you get rid of the cup size that was bothering you all these years. However, it is important to know that the patients can’t choose a desirable cup size before the surgery. One must focus on the shape and not the size in particular. Patients can also share pictures with the treating surgeon in order to make him/her know about what you are looking for, from the procedure. It is good to have realistic expectations.

So, if you have been in two minds about the procedure for a very long time, by now you must shun all the misconceptions, dilemmas and perceptions surrounding it. Regardless of your age, size, expectations or even breast reduction cost in Mumbai – the procedure is worth giving a shot. You will be surprised to know that breast reduction surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates.

The procedure not only solves a problem of a large-sized breast with speedy recovery but also leads to renewal of energy and perspective in a patient. This happens because physical and mental discomfort releases off your body with a reduced breast size, which is much more lighter, firmer and aesthetically beautiful to take on life. However, it is important to know that after undergoing the surgery wearing bras is still important because regardless of how lifted they are – breasts continue to grow and change over time.

Last but not the least, a breast reduction surgery reduces the risk for breast cancer because the surgery decreases the amount of breast tissues that you have; making it a procedure worth all the investment.

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