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7 Things You Should Know About Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning systems are used in offices, homes, schools, and most buildings that people frequent. Are you thinking of getting one for yourself, or do you already have one? Here are some of the problems you should consider when you install your own AC unit.

1. Improper installation and damage to duct pipe -
The leaks that are formed due to displacement or damage to duct pipes will lead to unnecessary usage of electricity. Should it bother you even if it’s just a small gap? Yes, because it will cause the refrigerated air to be lost and the outside air to come inside, causing the air conditioning unit to work harder to compensate.

2. Filter related problems-
Not servicing your air conditioner at regular intervals will lead to filter blockage. The filter will accumulate with dust, pollen, and colloidal particles, becoming clogged. You can also cause the filter to freeze if you do not service it regularly.A film forms on the surface of the filter and reduces the air flow, which causes the freezing.

3. Excessive cooling or heating –
Damage to the thermostat will lead to uncontrolled or undesired heating/cooling. The thermostat senses the temperature of your atmosphere and gives the temperature to the air conditioner. The air conditioner works until the desired temperature is reached. So, when your air conditioner causes extreme hot or cold airit could mean that the thermostat is not working correctly.

4. Spoiled coils –
Transfer of heat takes place in the coils of the AC unit. These coils can get dirty from the deposition of dirt, smoke, dust, etc. The dirt can eventually turn into a slimy film that decreases the heat transfer and reduces the efficiency of the HVAC unit. The film is formed by the aerosols and acts as a barrier that reduces the heat flow between the coil and the atmosphere.

5. Wrong positioning -
The wrong positioning of your HVAC system can lead to excess usage of air conditioning and cause the unit to not work properly. For example, the position of your system near the oven will cause the improper measurement of your room’s. Having the unit face the sun can also lead to inaccurate temperature measurement

6. The working area -
The volume of air in the room should be within the capacity of the air conditioning system. Otherwise the working of HVAC system won't add up to the expected level as the systems performance is reduced by the extra volume of air in the room.

7. Age related -
The recommended usage of an air conditioning system is 7 to 10 years. The life expectancy of the HVAC system can be increased with proper servicing at regular intervals of time. Getting trained technicians to fix your air conditioning system can help you get the most time out of your unit.
Reference: Signs Your AC Needs an Immediate Repair


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