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Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

Local gyms are popping up everywhere, and they provide a great way to get in shape. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that even seasoned trainers make that can compromise you reaching your fitness goals. Whether you’re new to visiting the gym or have been a frequent visitor, here are just some of the common mistakes you need to avoid.

Visiting Every Day

If you’re an all or nothing type of person, it can be tempting to hit the gym every day to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, working out every single day is not physically or mentally sustainability. Going to the gym too frequently can lead to boredom, and it can become a chore, which will compromise your motivation. So, incorporate rest days into your workout schedule or use the Jacuzzi or sauna to just chill out a couple of times a week.

Not Mixing It Up

Most of enjoy a little repetition, so when we find a workout that feels good, we tend to stick to it. Unfortunately, this can be counterproductive as you need to change your program every month or so to continue to see results. Change your workouts and mix it up with a different class once a week or by cross training.

Copying the Hardcore Gym Bunnies

Local gyms are often backed with hardcore gym bunnies who look amazingly ripped. Unfortunately, it is not easy to achieve this, and you could risk an injury if you just try to copy what they’re doing. Without knowing their fitness aims and complete workout schedule, you may land yourself with a painful injury that will keep you out of the gym for days or even weeks. A better approach is to do your homework and plan a program that suits you.

You Aimlessly Exercise

While exercise can be enjoyable, working aimlessly can be a little pointless. Keep both short and long term goals, charting your progress to stay motivated. This could be something as simple as taking your treadmill speed up by a notch, which will help you with your long term goal of losing three kilograms this month.

Only Training By Yourself

While you shouldn’t treat the gym as a purely social activity, it isn’t a good idea to only train solo. Most top athletes have a training partner as it keeps you going and can help push your performance. Pair up with someone who has similar goals, with a fitness level just a little above yours. This will help you to feel pushed every session and ensure that both of you hit the gym regularly.

You Punish Yourself For a Bad Session

Even if you are highly energetic and well motivated, you can still have a bad training session. This can be because you didn’t feel it that day or your body wasn’t up for it. Regardless of the reason, one bad session won’t propel you backward, so don’t be too hard on yourself as it’s likely to compromise your motivation. Instead, dry a line under it and get back in the gym on schedule to try again.

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