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4 Video Marketing Hacks to Make Your Strategy Kick Ass

Video Marketing works and they attract traffic, make your message be delivered better by targeting multiple senses, and contribute to converting customers. In fact, more people are more likely to click on a video than an image. If you haven’t tried video marketing into your digital strategy, then you better add it ASAP! But not all videos are created equal. You don’t want audiences not finishing your videos at all. Some key reasons why people tend to not finish videos is because a) it’s boring, b) it does not provide value for them, c) it’s irritating. There are many reasons but these are the common ones. So how can you make your first foray into video marketing a success? Here are some tips.

Be Inclusive and Consider the Silent Watchers

YouTube is not the only place where you can post you videos. Social Media is a great platform for promoting or sharing your videos. However, with recent app updates specifically in Facebook and Twitter, it now autoplays videos with sounds on which can give a massive heart attack to users who prefer not to have this feature enabled. The point here is your videos must get their point across with or without sound. You must optimize videos to those who prefer not to have audio and to our deaf brothers and sisters. This strategy is inclusive and can still convert customers. How to do it? There are many ways: Stunning visuals, text-heavy descriptions, and most importantly, subtitles. Big media outlets such as WSJ, Buzzfeed, Attn, and Vice are already doing this.

Don’t Forget the CTA

Yes, you can include a CTA in you videos. It’s all about placement and timing. Post roll CTA are one of the strategies we can suggest. These are already done by successful Youtubers and they make a lot of sense. Using this strategy give the viewers an instruction of what they can do next after watching your video.

Optimize It For SEO Too

Keywords and descriptions are the two elements that are in play here. The title of your video should contain what it’s all about and optimize it with your site’s keywords. But do not overdo it as it can be irritating at times. Sixty six (66) characters is the magic number so try to contain it at that and be straight to the point. As for descriptions, try to fill in the details about what the video is all about rather than stuffing it with keywords.

Keep It Authentic. Play on Human Emotions Rather Than Numbers

As one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies ,it plays on two senses. It also has this power to evoke different emotions to people. Use it to your advantage by making it viewer-centric and create content that connects to the audience rather than focusing about you brand is. Good storytelling skills must be honed if you want to engage emotionally with your audience.


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