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Few Reasons for the Cause of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is slow-growing, and often the symptoms may not occur for years. Men having prostate cancer don’t experience any symptoms. You may experience the symptoms only when the cancer is large enough to put pressure on the urethra. Even though the particular cause of the prostate cancer is unknown, few factors that play a vital role in the cause of prostate cancer include genetic, hormonal, and diet. Nowadays, many cancer centers offer excellent treatment for prostate cancer in Kansas City. Here we have discussed the various causes of prostate cancer.

Increase in Age

Age is one of the main factors that have the strong relationship between increasing age and developing prostate cancer. As men grow older, the occurrence of prostate cancer increases. Often the prostate cancer is diagnosed in men only after 65 years of age. The median age at diagnosis of prostate cancer is 70 years. According to the autopsy records, the majority of men older than 90 years have at least one region of cancer in their prostate.

Having Family History

If a man is having a history of prostate cancer in his family, he may have the risk of having prostate cancer. In the case of first-degree relatives such as brother or father have the history of prostate cancer, and then the person has the high risk of developing prostate cancer.

Due to Infection

Recent research indicated that one of the reasons for the cause of prostate cancer is sexually transmitted infections. It is evident that people who have had sexually transmitted infections have the chance of developing the prostate cancer 1.4 times greater when compared to the general population.

Ethnic Origin

Often the African American men in the U.S. are more likely to get affected by prostate cancer compared to Caucasian men. On the other hand, the Asian Americans have a lower chance of getting affected by prostate cancer compared to the Caucasians and African Americans. The difference in the diagnosis and death rates due to prostate cancer depends on various factors such as lifestyle, diet, environmental exposure and health-seeking behavior rather than racial susceptibility to prostate cancer. It is evident that undergoing Kansas City cancer treatment for organ-confined prostate cancer has the high chances of complete cure in men.

Dietary Factors

One of the factors that influence the growth of prostate cancer is the diet. Also, it is evident that obesity leads to the risk of having affected by more aggressive, larger prostate cancer. This will result in the poorer outcome of prostate cancer treatment in Kansas City.

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