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What Are The Common Causes of Electrical Fires?

Have you ever wondered what causes an electrical fire in a house? Electrical fires are always a concern when it comes to out-dated electrical fixtures and old wiring. With a proper maintenance, you can prevent electrical fires in your home.

Don’t you take your car for regular service and maintenance? The same thing applies to a home electrical system too!

Regular inspection and maintenance with the help of Electrician Abbotsford can not only help identify the electrical problems at your home but also helps to fix them before they pose a serious threat.

The following list aims to help you learn to be proactive about electrical safety status of your premises. Unless your home is newly constructed, chances are there that some of these fire hazards are lurking.

- Old wiring:

Out-dated wiring is one of the common causes of electrical fires in a home. If your house is old, the electrical system may not have the capacity to handle the increased amounts of the electrical load from appliances like air conditioners, microwaves, video and gaming players, wide-screen television and computer. The electrical overload can cause the wiring to overheat and spark fire on surrounding materials. If your home is an old one, you will need to get an experienced Electrician Annandale to rewire your house.

- Burnt smell with no identifiable source:

Can you smell a burnt smell in your home but could not identify the source? It may be because of short circuit caused by overload or a loose connection or faulty wiring. Short circuits are the main reason for electrical fires.

- Out-dated electrical sockets:

Old wiring is not the only risk in your home. Electrical appliances which are out-dated and overused may also cause electrical fires. Self-jointed wires and worn out electrical sockets which are not correctly grounded are all the major causes of a fire hazard. Call your Electrician Ashfield and replace defective electrical sockets. Never attempt to repair on your own you may end up in costly repairs.

- Light fixtures and fittings:

Lights, lamps, light fixtures and fittings are another common cause of electrical fires. Installing a light with high wattage is a leading cause of electrical fires. Check the maximum bulb wattage on any lamp or lighting fixture and never exceed them.

- Extension loads:

Electrical appliances should be directly plugged into the socket and should not be plugged in extension lead for an extended period. If you do not have plug sockets or it is faulty, replace or repair it with the help of an Electrician Balmain.

Whatever the reason may be, electrical fires can be devastating. Contact licensed electrician and schedule regular maintenance to prevent you and your family from electrical fires.

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