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Your Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Content For SEO

It is believed that 93% of online users begin with search engine, where 70% only click on organic websites because they believe those businesses are more credible and ignore paid ads. SEO is more effective and beneficial in the long-term, whereas PPC ads are costly and have a quicker effect short-term. SEO strategy takes time and effort for successful results, as every business is competing against each other to organically rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Sometimes businesses can survive without having a website, but as time goes by businesses are increasingly adopting new technology methods on internet marketing. For online businesses SEO is an essential marketing strategy. Keeping a consistent effective SEO strategy will consequently generate traffic and potential leads, as search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites and SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have a close rate of 1.7%. Therefore, SEO online marketing is a key driver to a business success when done effectively.

Our 4 step guide to optimizing your digital marketing through SEO is right here:

1. Understand your online customers
You may be able to target your customers offline with traditional marketing tools, however understanding a wider market online is key in driving more traffic to your website. Understanding who your online audience and their motives are crucial when it comes to strategizing keywords for Google and website content. Businesses need to research their customers behaviours, so they can effectively target with relevant keywords they are using on search engines to find your business. When deciding on what keywords your customers will be searching, you should consider a person’s search behaviour changes during the buying cycle, customers searching for potential solutions, the location and product feature. Design a content strategy that answers their specific questions and helps move them through the funnel.

2. A working website
SEO is one of the best techniques that is required of any kind of business website because without website visibility there is no chance to increase sales. A great way to increase the quality of the websites, is by making them user-friendly, fast and easier to navigate for online users. We have found that it is better for businesses to hire an agency to develop their websites, just like us because we know what works and avoid technical issues. Therefore, a website that is appealing, relevant, easy to use with great loading time and looks credible will leave a good impression of the business.

3. Keywords on website
Once users click onto your website from search engines, you want to be able to continue to lead them into the buying decision through a clear call to action. This can be done by matching keywords used on your website with words used by your customers when they are searching for your business. Such SEO content for your business to integrate into your website can be blog posts, product or service pages, videos and infographics are commonly used.

4. Regular updates
Once your business ranking on search engines have improved, you should be regularly updating relevant content on your website, as well as optimising keywords. As consumer behavioural changes so will their queries on search engines. It is recommended that businesses add or change content to the website at least every 3 to 6 months. This could be adding new product/ service, new images, or removing irrelevant content.

SEO is not easy to understand or operate effectively, where many small businesses outsource the work and go with an agency to get better results and use their time to physically run their own business. A good SEO strategy will eventually pay off in the long-term to gain organic traffic, and get businesses ranking higher on search engines which will mean more leads and business awareness. At Muscle Media we specialise in SEO and Web Development, where we put two together and create successful SEO’s for our clients. Muscle Media not only offers digital marketing in Brisbane, but we work with clients nationally and internationally.


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