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Causes Of Cavities And Tooth Decay

The food we eat has a big effect on our teeth and gums. The same holds true for beverages we drink. If we did not take care with what we eat and drink, it might lead to tooth decay which is the softening of the tooth enamel in a gradual manner. In this, acids in the mouth can damage the tooth structure and cause the risk of decay over a period of time. And the harmful acids responsible for decay appear in mouth when plaque bacteria and sugar meet in the mouth. This is how the mineral from the enamel is lost in a gradual manner causing a cavity.

Further, you can consult a dentist to treat the mineral loss from the enamel and prevent the hole in the tooth from getting larger by the day. And if treatment is not done, these very tiny holes can develop into bigger holes to pose risk to the whole teeth. In fact, the same acids can even enter the dentin – the next layer of the tooth and can cause cavity over there as well. And when root cavity occurs, it makes nerves in the teeth exposed leading to pain while eating or drinking something. This is when our teeth feel sensitive to hot or cold drinks.

Quite clearly, tooth decay is never meant to be ignored else it can lead to a cavity which can cause tooth decay in future. You can take a good care of your teeth, maintain a regular oral hygiene routine and stay away from sugar-rich foods or drinks to minimize the risk of dental decay. You should know that the more sugar you consumer, the more acid will be produced in the mouth leading to decay. You should also understand that poor oral hygiene is among the most obvious causes of tooth decay and cavity. Plaque can build up and strike the enamel when you don’t brush the teeth regularly.

Similarly, your focus should be on eating right so that chances of plaque formation can be brought down a bare minimum. You can either stay away from sugar-rich items or make sure to clean the teeth after consuming such foods. In the same way, you should never ever let a dry mouth else the lack of saliva may let plaque to build up quickly. By drinking water regularly or by chewing sugar-free gum, you can keep the mouth hydrated and stop plaque buildup. You also need to brush and floss with greater care so that no foods get left between the teeth.

Quite clearly, cavity and tooth decay are a type of dental problem well within the preventable level, provided you care for your teeth and gums properly. Even if you could not, a regular visit to best dentists in Nassau County NY can still help spot any early signs of trouble and let you back to the good way. You can visit such a dentist twice a year at least, get dental cleanups, checkups and oral exams to get rid of cavity or decay risks forever.

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