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How to Write a Book Trilogy: 5 Crucial Steps- ShowFlipper

Writing good fiction books to read, historical novels or even a drama book is a landmark in one’s life.

However, a reader is sure to adore the effect when the same characters are used frequently to make new settings. This can broadly be presented in two ways -
One is, creating detective stories and adventure novellas centered around the same characters but with a different story every time over. Some examples are the Hercule Poirot mysteries by Agatha Christie and the Borne collection by Robert Ludlum.

Second is to create a sequence of novels based on same characters, such that the novels each have a link with one another. Nevertheless, when one picks up “Part 2” without having read “Part 1”; one still gets the knack of the story. Some fine examples are the Amish Tripathi’s Shiva trilogy and Jeffery Archer’s Clifton Chronicles.

If a sequence of books is written as a trilogy,
• It attracts more viewers,
• Keeps the sense of mystery and excitement alive, and also,
• Achieves higher sales for the author.

As the number of repeat consumers is higher; it tells us a lot about an author’s inherent creativity as well.

So what are the top 5 steps that an author must stick to for creating a trilogy that sells? Let’s take a brief look at the same.

Make a Note of the Concepts That Have Worked In The Past

A fine way to go ahead with writing a trilogy is to write the first two books in a way that the suspense is built. The third book must have a conclusion that keeps the reader happy and satisfied and creates a positive overall experience.

A very commonly used idea that works in this regard is to make sure that each of the books has the same characters, but starts up in new environmental and location settings. It must have some new surprises in store, which is a sure feature which lets a reader find some good fiction book to read.

As the story of each of the book progresses and comes to an end; it must not make the entire plot easy to comprehend.

Make a Sequence Wherein the Initial Idea Doesn’t Disappear In Either of the Books
Each of the books must have a sense of continuity such that it turns out to be a real trilogy. Some fine examples in this regard are stories that have the dimension of a saga or even sci-fi books.

If the reader finds a sense of mystery in the concept, he makes sure that he buys the second book and also keeps wary to read the books faster.

The Second Book Must Act As a Link to the Third One, But Without Giving Away Too Many Details

Some additional brainstorming is required when one begins to write the second book in the trilogy sequence.

Some common ways of going about the same are to create some new and typical characters that form the lifeline of the remainder of the story. You could also bring some characters back from the previous books.

The Third Book Must Conclude In A Way That It Offers a Conclusion to the Reader
As an instance, an author must create a conclusion that resonates with the readers’ point of view and his frame of mind. As an author, one must also make sure that there are no broken links in the any of the books when the conclusion draws in.

The predictability has to be taken away from the conclusion, and, there has to be an element of surprise.

If there is a glitch in the storyline, the reader just might catch it, so one has to be wary.

Titles of the Three Books Too Must Be Thematically Based

Books in a trilogy of must-have titles that are thematically based such that it catches the fancy of the reader. Even if the reader doesn’t read the books, the titles may be created in a way that stays at the back of his mind.

This further builds up to the mystery factor in the book. The release of the books too must be planned accordingly, and you got an exciting chronology all set to hit the shelves!

Trilogies are fantastic to build! A writer can build trilogies in –

1.Historical Fiction like “The Century Trilogy” by Ken Follett
2.Regency Romance Novels by Julia Quinn
3.Collection of Poems by Milton called “Paradise”
4.Fantasy Novels like “The Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien
5.Science Fiction Books like the “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov
6.Mystery Books like the “Alexander” by Valerio Massimo Manfredi

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