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7 Most Popular Granite Countertops Choices and their Advantages

A bathroom is the reflection of the homeowner's desire for perfection. It is a private space. A place not exposed to the outsiders. Perfection bathroom and desire to make it beautiful, elegant and royal in look shows your yearning for perfection.

A bathroom is a special place. It gives you the personal space. A place where you spend the time with yourself alone. A place where you think, ponder, introspect while you relax in the refreshing bath. You always want it to look clean, elegant and beautiful.

When it comes to giving your bathroom a royal look nothing does better than granite. Granite can give your bathroom the look your desire. From subtle to exotic the look you desire is available in the form of Granite countertops. It is long lasting, low maintenance and trouble free. It makes every penny spent worth.

You can get a wide variety of designs in form of Granite Countertops to suit your taste and style. From elegant countertops to flamboyant and exotic Granite Bathroom Countertops you can get the look you desire. Bathroom Vanity Tops adorning granite top also add shine to the look of your bathroom.

Some of the most popular Granite Countertop choices are:

1. The Juparana Classic Granite- Elegant and Classy
This is one of the most elegant looking granites. If you want to give an elegant look to your bathroom which has a time-tested feel, then this is one of the best options for you. This granite has a hue that makes it look ripened with time. Something that has seen time passing by. It is chic and very classy.

2. The King Ivory Granite
White is the color of the royalty. The King Ivory Granite comes with a white base. But, it has tiny grains and busy patterned specks. This makes it look very distinct. It reflects the power to accommodate every other color yet sustain a distinct nature. It is the perfect option for you if you want your Bathroom Granite Countertop to reflect royalty without looking monotonous.

3 AJ Brown
If you are a fan of exoticness and want that to reflect in your bathroom decor then AJ Brown is the granite for you. This granite bears the dark brown veins and has natural aesthetics. This brown will make your bathroom look carved into the natural surroundings. The dark-colored veins on the alluring brownstone make it look fiery.

4 Kashmir White Granite
White is the color of peace and elegance. It is soothing and relaxing. The Kashmir White will leave you awestruck if you love serenity. It has a soft, cottony white base with dashes of grey that make it look very beautiful. Your bathroom will shine with the placement of this granite. It gives you the soft feel of marble yet offer the endurance of granite. This is a match made in heaven for the lovers of calm, serenity and elegance.

5 Black Marinace Granite
This is the granite for the lovers of patterns. The chunky patterns on a dark base will give an effect of stones lying on the river bed. If you are a lover of contrasts then you can use this Granite Countertop to produce this effect.

6 Spectrum Granite
This Brazilian granite is known for its semi-exotic look. It has a reflecting surface and coffee brown veins that make it eye catchy. When used as a countertop it adds luster to your bathroom decor.

7 Absolute Black Granite
This is the granite that gives a dark, shiny and subtle look to your bathroom. It conveys power, stamina, and reliability. It is a heavy color, a color that exhibits strength of character. The leathered and honed finish communicates durability and reliance. You can accentuate the look of your bathroom by using light colored interior.

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