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Top 10 Reasons Why Invigor8 Gluta Spa is the Best Gluta Spa in the Metro

1. Amazing Health Benefits
Glutathione is a master anti-oxidant that helps fight free radicals that damage the overall wealth of an individual. This anti-oxidant repairs body tissues and helps delay the aging process. With proper diet and exercise, glutathione is a great supplement to help your body regenerate to look and feel lighter.
2. Fair Skin Bonus
Besides the health benefits it possesses, the bonus part of glutathione is having fairer skin. The effect of the treatment is it’s a natural skin whitener, removes dark spots, and prevents pimples from turning into acne. Glutathione also detoxifies the body making you free from any harmful cells that may attack the body.
3. Easy Slimming
We have a special glutathione treatment that is mixed with another great supplement, L-Carnitine. This L-Carnitine is used to treat heart and circulatory disorders, it enhances energy production and even muscular coordination that can aid you in your regular exercise. They help burn fat and build muscle for you to achieve that slim body!
4. Reduces Fine Lines
Another special glutathione treatment is mixed together with a popular skin regenerating supplement, collagen. A healthy combination of these two supplements will rebuild all your damaged cells and even reduce your fine lines and wrinkles!
5. Luxury Services
Let’s admit it, getting glutathione treatment is a luxury. But we make it more luxurious by making you feel that you’re in a spa! With all the special treatment, your session will feel like you’ve been transported to private resort somewhere to relax.
6. Affordable Prices
Though a treat, our services will make your credit card and wallet will feel lighter as well because you don’t have to spend so much! We make sure the quality of our products and services is just right for you to live a healthy lifestyle without going poor.
7. Relaxing Ambiance
We made sure to decorate and arrange our spa in way to make you feel relaxed and zen. Invigor8 is the place to shake away all your stress and problems while detoxifying your body.
8. Professional Nurses
Our nurses are highly qualified and are experts in providing IV treatment to all kinds of patients. They are professional and accommodating, and will provide and offer everything you might need while getting your treatment.
9. Quick Response
With our quick customer service agents, any inquiries you have about our prices and services can be easily called through our hotline, (2)491-7306. Can’t reach our landline? Invigor8 Gluta Spa has a Facebok page that is personally replied by our glutathione experts about any concerns you have.

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