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What Are The Types Of Seizures

There are a number of types of seizures and it’s better to book preventive health check-up packages. In recent years there have been major technological and scientific advances that have significantly changed our mind set and knowledge of epilepsy. Therefore, there have been made changes to many seizure terminologies recently.

As it takes time to get adapted to changes, you may encounter many entities like doctors, websites and materials that still use the previous terminology. Seizure can be classified in three major groups: focal, generalised and unknown.

1. Focal

About 60% of people with epilepsy have focal or partial seizures. These seizures can be subtle or unusual, and may go unnoticed for a long time or get mistaken for for intoxication or daydreaming. Seizure activity starts in one area of the brain and then spreads to other regions of the brain.

Types of focal (partial) seizures are:

Focal seizure where awareness is retained

Focal dyscognitive seizures where awareness is altered

Focal seizures that evolve into bilateral convulsive seizure

2. Generalised

Generalised seizures are caused by abnormal activity in both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. Due to which, consciousness is lost at the onset of the seizure.

There are many types of generalised seizures:

- Typical
- Atypical absence
- Absence with special features
- Myoclonic absence
- Eyelid Myoclonia
- Myoclonic
- Myoclonic atonic
- Myoclonic tonic

3. Unknown

This is a grouping of seizures that can not be classified or distinguished as either a focal or generalised seizure and are therefore are grouped as unknown.
Epileptic spasms

At times a seizure begins as a focal (partial) seizure and then moves on to become a generalised seizure, mostly a tonic-clonic seizure.

Most people will only experience one or two seizure types, which may differ in severity. A person with severe epilepsy or greater damage to the brain may experience multiple different seizure types.


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