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5 Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Buying a car is like a dream come true. And when you buy a car, you also have to buy insurance to safeguard it. Insurance assures that in the case of damage or theft, you can claim the amount and compensate for the losses. Today, there are many companies that offer car insurance, and you can also avail the benefit of buying it online.

While you choose from the plethora of insurance policies that are available, you should always make an effort to buy a policy that is cheaper than others and still gives you the benefit of any other policy. Be a smart and informed customer while purchasing, else you might end up buying an expensive policy which is heavy in your pocket and does not give you all the benefits. There are certain ways by which you can save on your car insurance, let us check each one in detail.

1.Shop yourself

Although it is good to ask your friends or relatives about the policy that they have purchased for their car, it is always advisable to select on your own.
It is possible that the policy that your friends have purchased is suitable for their car but it might not be suitable for your car. Hence, to buy the perfect car insurance at a lesser premium amount, always select the policy yourself after considering and comparing all the options available.

2.Increase your deductible

When you raise your deductibles, it has a lasting effect on your monthly insurance amount. But it has a flip side. When you increase the deductible; it also makes you liable to pay off a claim even before the insurance company begins covering your expenses. When you avail such an arrangement, make sure that you have some extra cash in hand to compensate for an emergency or an accident.

This kind of deductible is not a good alternative for someone who is not a good driver. But a driver who drives safely and is not accident prone, increasing deductible is a great way to save on the car insurance premium.

3.Compare policies

With the easy accessibility to online car insurance policies, you can now compare each policy with ease. When you compare them, you will find that there is a huge difference between policies, its offerings, premium amounts, discounts, etc. The rates vary greatly and shopping online gives you this freedom to compare. When you want to save on your car insurance, this is a good method. When you own a car, you might need certain types of coverage for a longer period. Once these requirements are met, you can save by eliminating certain elements which were unnecessarily included in your coverage.

4.Bundle Your Coverage

When you buy your car and home insurance policy from the same provider, you save a lot on premium on both the policies. You become their valued customer and they offer you many benefits. This way you can save a significant amount of money.
You can also avail many discounts and capitalize on it. These days all major insurance companies provide all kinds of insurance and offer customers lucrative schemes to retain their customer. One of the main reasons why an insurance company offers discount is to discourage its customers from buying the policy from elsewhere. So, make an informed decision to save as much as you can on insurance premium amount.

5.A good credit

Any good company will first check your credit or CIBIL Score to give you insurance. This ensures that you are credible to pay your bills and EMI on time. It is a good medium to know whether you are a safe customer or not. When you have a lower score, the insurance companies consider you as an unsafe and a high-risk customer. Thus, it is advisable to maintain a higher CIBIL score.


Most people ignore the fact that even they can save on car insurance and invest that money elsewhere. By adopting the methods listed above, you can save a good amount of money. To save big, all you need is to research well before getting an insurance.


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