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Top Five Annoying Things in Poker

Anyone who’s played poker in India knows that the popular card game has set people on tilt on more than one occasion. Here are five such situations poker players find hard to endure,
• The ending of a poker vacation
Going on a poker vacation is a fun prospect. You are pumped up, and there is ample opportunity to make a tidy profit. After countless hours of tireless grinding and making money, you suddenly realize that the adventure is over and you now have to return to your normal life. Leaving at the end of a poker vacation is equally frustrating regardless if you’ve won big or lost. If you’ve won a lot of money you’ll probably groan over the opportunity to make even more. On the other hand, if you’ve lost a huge sum, you will have also lost the chance to reclaim some portion of it.
• Losing out on the high hand jackpot
Not every poker room offers this promotion, but it is a profitable one. How it works is: the highest hand in the poker room receives a big reward. While it is good if you get the high hand, there is always the minute possibility that someone else may hit the higher hand at the end of the game, leaving you with nothing.
• Sitting with unpleasant opponents
Most of your experience at the poker table comes down to the nature of the company at the table. Unlike the online version, you are pretty much stuck until the table breaks. If you have an overly aggressive poker player or bully seated beside you, the tournament might be a lousy experience for you. And frustration can make one do silly things in poker.
• Losing your profit or breaking even
Imagine yourself having spent numerous hours at a single table, making a steady profit and instead of getting up you feel you can make even more. Then things start going wrong and poof, you’ve lost your profit. This is one such scenario every poker player on this planet has experienced. Sometimes losing your profit and breaking even is even more frustrating. Why? Because you’ve been sitting at the same table for hours and are back to the same position you began with.
• Getting knocked out on the tournament bubble
Arguably, the most annoying thing in poker is busting on the tournament bubble. You pay the buy-in amount for the event, play for hours on end, only to get knocked out and have nothing to show for it. This frustration rises if one is participating in a major tournament like the WSOP Main Event, where the buy-in is a colossal $10,000. People who make it in the money receive close to double the buy-in amount.



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