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Which Bike Carrier Is Right For Me?

Thanks to modern engineering and 3D-designing, these days there's a ton of bike carrier and bike rack options available. Each is different and designed with specific set of advantages in mind. There's no superior or inferior – the type of bike carrier or bike rack you choose would depend on your specific needs and of course, the budget. So let's take a look at what options are available in the Australian market these days.

Let's first look at the types of bike carriers that are available:

Roof bike carriers

Ideal for low-roof vehicles such as sedans and hatchbacks. Additionally, the crossbars on the roof rack are generally multi-purpose and can be used to carry all sorts of other stuff including surfboards, skis, or cargo boxes. along with your bike. A roof rack is easy to install and you can do it yourself or have it fixed at a local auto garage.

When opting for roof-top bike carrier, bear in mind any place that you frequent and which has a low roof height – you don't want your bikes knocked off.

Hitch Mount Racks – Tray type hitch mounts and Arm type hitch mount bike carriers
Tray Type Hitch Mounts – these are extremely versatile because they can carry any type of bike and have a huge advantage in that it is easies to load and off-load bikes from a tray.

Arm type Bike Hitch Mount are generally attached to the rear end of the vehicle. This almost eliminates wind drag and you don't have to worry about bikes getting hit by a low roof. It is also easier to attach the bikes to the arm type hitch mount bike carrier as you only have to lift the bikes a two or three feet off the ground.

If opting for hitch mounted bike rack be sure your vehicle can take on the added weight at the rear. Generally, trucks and SUV's won't have a problem at all. Hitch mount arm racks are specific to the task i.e. they are meant to carry bikes and only bikes. You generally can't carry anything else.

Trunk Mount bike carrier

You can also carry your bike on top of the trunk of your car. A trunk mounted bike carrier is usually requires the least amount of installation offers the quickest and least expensive way to carry your bike. A trunk mounted biked carrier is usually lightweight. There are two possible negatives to using a trunk mounted bike carrier – for one, it might interfere with the rear view for the driver and secondly, you might not be able to open the trunk after the bike is strapped on to it.

Which bike is right for you - first consider your vehicle whether it already has any factory fitted Thule Roof Racks Melbourne and also your vehicle's weight bearing specifications. Also consider the type of bikes you have and their weight. Obviously heavy bikes cannot be easily lifted and placed onto the roof of any vehcile.

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