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How does Disability Insurance for Doctors work?

In Insurance the most complicated product that doctors come across is Disability Insurance and it is one that is most important for them. In the physician’s profession many of them will encounter disability in their forties and may last for a year or more. Disability insurance is to help physician when he is unable to perform his duties and get an income.

All doctors in different fields’ physicians and resident doctors need to understand the terminology since it is the foundation of their financial security. The definition of disability is what makes the doctors buy these policies thinking they are financially secure for their future.

How Terminology in the Insurance Changes Everything?

In the doctor’s profession a doctor is considered disabled when he cannot conduct the duties of his ‘own occupation’. This definition helps the doctor to work in another specialty and get all the benefits besides the income from the insurance. Some insurance companies will say that if the doctor was working in a particular medical specialty and if due to disability he is working in a different field he will be able to get disability benefits.

Some insurance companies will use the same own occupation definition to say that a doctor is considered disabled if he cannot work in his occupation and the insurance has a clause that the doctor is not occupied for wage or profit. The doctor taking over a new profession will get very little in benefits or in some cases no benefits at all.

Own Specialty Disability Insurance

Every doctor requires own specialty disability insurance to help him and his family ifhe suffers injury or disability and is unable to perform his duties. A doctor’s asset is his ability to earn an income in his own specialty. Unlike other professionals disability is most important for professionals in the medical field.

A doctor is well qualified and working 40 hours a week most often on his feet. He is specialized in his field and susceptible to disability. He has spent years in his field of study and training which is worth quite a lot of investment so he takes own specialty disability insurance to get back returns on his investment if he should suffer injury or disability. Some of the insurance companies have experts in the area of disability risk management and they can tell the risks in the profession of doctors.

Own-Occupation Disability for Physicians

The best disability insurance is the one that protects someone in his own occupation. According to own occupation policy if the person or physician cannot perform in his own occupation due to injury or disability then he can qualify for the benefits even though he can work in a another profession. Guardian is making own-occupation disability even more comprehensive and attractive for doctors.

The new insurance choice enhances the own occupation definition to provide physicians with more improvements designed especially for doctors. The new own occupation language is especially in the marketplace and caters to doctors in the field. When you are buying a new policy on own –occupation disability from Guardian you are getting much more benefits.

So if you are a physician deciding to buy an insurance policy in own-occupation disability you have attractive options coming your way.

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