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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Hair Loss

Hair loss!
Hairpieces, bulbs and implants, in baldness you soon think of a gripping fiftieth or an early thirties of the male sex. But nothing seems less true. Hair loss does not distinguish between sexes and can strike at an early age.
If you suffer from hair loss, thinner hair or bare spots, there are several ways to do something about it. In addition to hair transplantation, the use of preventive measures may be considered. Hair loss prevention is aimed at preventing or delaying further hair loss and improving the quality of your hair. In addition, prevention can also stimulate the growth of your hair.

In short, it's a nightmare for many men and women, the hair is getting thinner, the scalp is slowly visible and the baldness comes in. Keep in mind that if you notice yourself or your environment that you have a hair loss, this has been happening for a long time. However, what many people do not know is that in the case of hereditary hair loss, this process can in most cases stop.
In these cases, we therefore say, "Bald by hereditary hair loss is a choice".
5 variants working against different types of hair loss, such as hereditary hair loss and hair loss due to stress, drug use or hormones.

Besides, there are:
Hair loss caused by hair diseases .
Hair loss caused by cancer .
Hair loss caused by iron deficiency .
Hair loss caused by stress .
Hair loss caused by medication .
Hair loss due to poor scalp condition.
Everyone loses about 50-120 hairs a day, this is normal.
Hair pulling.
Diseases such as thyroid disease.
Medicine and chemotherapy..
Iron deficiency in your diet.

What diet should be followed to get good and strong hair?
Just like your skin and body, your hair also needs a balanced diet to stay healthy. By including sources for essential fatty acids in your diet, you can give your hair back its strength and lustre. Foods such as tuna, sardines and such oily fish, and nuts, olives and avocados are rich in essential fatty acids. Sprinkling flaxseed and pumpkin seeds over your salad is also another great way to get these Essential fatty acids in your diet.
5 side effects in hair transplants you need to know
You should know these side effects before being treated. Hair transplantation is now an accepted solution for hair loss in men and women. While being considered a safe procedure, there are some possible side effects. If you have been treated and are experiencing any of these side effects, please refer to the attending physician.
When do these side effects occur?
There are side effects that can be seen immediately after hair transplant, but side effects may occur later on. That differs from person to person. These side effects, if properly treated, are not insurmountable and therefore have a rare effect on the results of hair transplantation.
1. Infections and bleeding
Bleeding usually occurs after hair transplant, especially when someone uses blood thinners. Always inform the treating physician in advance if you are using blood thinners. He / she can take that into consideration and possibly temporarily relate.
Infections have to do with the sterility of the instruments and the applied hygiene during and after treatment. A hair transplant can not be completely sterile because the whole head should be shaved and sterilized.
2. Dunnend hair
Hair transplant is done to get more hair in places where that is needed. As a temporary effect, the hair can temporarily lose some extra. That is because of the so-called "shock loss". Nature never knew that we were moving again. Hence the "shock loss".

3. Scab on the scalp
This is a side effect that occurs a lot. This occurs during and after the formation of crusts at the treatment sites. Because the hair can be washed soon after treatment, this problem is solved. However, if it appears to be hardnicking, please consult the attending physician. He may prescribe a means to solve this problem.
4. Scarring
Hair transplant with the FUT method leaves a scar behind the hat on the back of the head. Some people have a hereditary facility for excessive scarring. There is then a kilo (wild meat) on the scar. If you have a job for that, you should definitely report it to the attending physician. He can take that into account and try to prevent it.
5. Cyst
These can occur if the hair follicle is damaged and too deep in the skin. The attending physician must see and treat this immediately. This prevents further problems.


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