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How To Improve Your Online Survey | PollDeep

A good online survey offers you with reliable, actionable, and clear insights to improve your decision-making ability. Great surveys have the best response rates, easy to fill out, and high quality.

To make the best online surveys with effective survey questions, consider the following:

Define Your Online Survey’s Purpose

You have to take note that fuzzy goals can lead to fuzzy results, and the last thing you like to end up with is a set of results that offer no real decision value. The best surveys have focused objectives, which are easily understandable. Spend some time up front for you to determine your goals for the survey.

Keep Your Surveys Focused and Short

Focused and short surveys help with both quantity and quality response. Generally, it’s better to concentrate on a single objective compared to creating a master survey that focuses on multiple objectives. Usually, shorter surveys observe high
response rates and low abandonment issue among the survey respondents.

Keep Your Questions Simple

Ensure that your questions get the point and consider eliminating the use of jargons. Never assume that the survey takers are comfortable with the acronyms as you are. Try making your question as direct and specific if possible.

Keep the Rating Scale Questions Consistent in the Survey

The rating scales are a good way to compare and measure the sets of the variables. If you consider using rating scales, you should keep them consistent throughout the survey. Use the number of points on the scale and ensure the meanings of low and high stay consistent throughout the survey. In addition to that, utilize an odd number in your rating scale to make data analysis much easier. Switching the rating scales around will confuse the survey takers that could lead to some untrustworthy responses.

Incorporate Closed Ended Questions If Possible

The survey questions that are closed ended provides the respondents particular choices, which makes it much easier to analyze the results. The close ended questions may take the form of multiple choice, yes or no or rating scale. The open ended survey questions enable people to answer the question in their own words.

Consider the Audience When Sending the Survey Invitations

In a recent statistics, it showed the highest click and open rates take place on Friday, Monday, and Sunday. Moreover, the research will show you that the quality of survey responses doesn’t differ from weekdays to weekends.

Consider Offering Incentives

Depending on the kind of survey as well as survey audience, it would be a good idea to offer an incentive. This is effective in enhancing the response rates. Most people like the idea of acquiring something for their time spent in taking the survey.

Consider Sending Some Reminders

While not proper for every survey, sending out the reminders to people who have not responded often gives a significant boost in the response rates.

You can always improve yourself with online surveys. Just make sure to enhance your online survey questions as well to get the best results.

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