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The Wild Life of Tanzania

If the word East Africa appears in a sentence, most probably it would continue the word safari as well! Travelers who wish to enjoy a vacation in Tanzania, for example, dream to explore the magnificent experiences of visiting the wild animals in their original habitat.

Tanzania offers the best safaris in the whole world with a diversity that is truly unparalleled. Can you imagine that the country has more than 40 national parks and game reserves? Today we would be highlighting some of the most amazing animals travelers who tour Tanzania would expect to view during their trip to the country. We would start with the predators, the killers, the big cats!

The Famous Six Cats of Tanzania

There are cats in Tanzania that are as big as half a horse and others that are faster than thunder! While enjoying a vacation in Tanzania, tourists may come across scenes when these huge powerful cats catch their preys, scenes that would remain forever in the mind of all of us if we get the chance to witness them.


Leopards travelers who tour Tanzania would view weigh from 40 to 90 kilometers. These wild animals are quite plenty in various national parks more than anybody that can ever imagine. However, due to their camouflage, it is hard to spot some of them in the morning.


Weighing from 120 to 250 kilograms, these lazy animals are in fact the most dangerous and strong predators of Africa. With sharp teeth that can easily penetrate bones, they can attack and eat huge animals like bulls Commonly, lions live in communities, prides, where the female does all the hunting, while the male lions lay down and sometimes fight among each others. Watching lions in their natural habitat is among the most exciting experiences tourists enjoying their vacations in Tanzania would go through.


This is a bit similar to a normal cat! Servals are usually from 5 to 15 kilograms. However, they have much longer ears and legs. They are famous for walking proudly under the sun and playing around with food and pieces of wood. Children who spend their holidays in Tanzania would surly enjoy watching these servals in their original environment.


The Cheetah, weighing between 40 to 60 kilograms, is considered among the fastest sprinters on the planet. Their speed might reach up to more 100 kilometers per hour. However, after less than 300 meters, they have to rest for quite a while before going for a hunting trip again. Cheetahs, famous for their magnificent speed to attack other animals, cannot, nevertheless, protect their own preys as they don't have the power and the strength to defeat other predators in the African kingdom. Viewing Cheetahs is yet a magnificent experience for travelers who enjoy their vacations in Tanzania.

Wild Cats

With a weight that ranges from 3 to 6 kilograms, these wonderful wild cats are in fact the forefathers of these cats we have at home. They eat rats and mice and enjoy a much peaceful life in comparison to other larger cats that grab the attention of travelers who go on tours to Tanzania.


This type of cats is surely among the most charming. Featured with their distinctive colors and long ears and legs, can you imagine that these wonderful animals can jump up to 3 meters high to catch birds? This scene should never be missed by tourists who travel to Tanzania.


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