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How Easy Is It to Claim for Flight Delays?

There are adverts everywhere telling you that if you've experienced a delayed flight, you can claim compensation. But how easy is it really to do so? There seem to be so many different opinions regarding delayed flight compensation, how can you truly know the rules that apply?

Are you eligible for compensation?

The easiest way to see if you're eligible for delayed flight compensation is to contact a company that specialises in delayed flight claims. Many EU airlines will try to avoid paying compensation wherever possible and will make the process lengthy and complex, and often it's hard to find out if you are actually due for compensation. By contacting a specialist company, they will do the hard work for you and use your flight details to find out if you have a claim.

How do you submit a claim?

If you select a company to look into your delayed flight compensation for you, all you will need to do is provide them your details and your flight details and they will do the rest for you! They will tell you exactly what information they need, and they will make the whole process very quick and easy for you. Often airline stocks will try to argue about whether compensation is due, but the joy of using a specialist company for this is that they will deal with the airlines for you, so you don't have to get involved at all.

How much can I expect to receive?

The amount of compensation you will receive for a delayed flight will vary depending on the length of delay of the flight, and whether or not you accepted any compensation from them on the day. When you employ the services of an outside company, they should be able to give you a good idea upfront of what you can expect to receive with your claim. They are used to dealing with the airlines, and they will know the kind of payout that you should be looking to get.

While claiming compensation for delayed flights can be time consuming and frustrating if you do it yourself, if you choose to take on a specialist company to claim on your behalf then the whole process is very quick, easy and worthwhile. Compensation for a few hours of delay can be hundreds of pounds per passenger, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain!

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