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How to Save Money When Moving

Moving is usually a very stressful process and, most of the times, especially if you’re planning to hire a moving company, or even two men and a truck, is also expensive. If you’re planning to move on a budget, you need to make sure you choose the relocation company you’re planning to use carefully, and do whatever you can to save money without compromising the quality of the moving service.

Check out these 5 wise ways that will help you save money whenever you’re planning to move house:

1. Make a budget

The wisest thing you could do, when you decide to save money during a moving process, is to establish a budget for moving and stick to it. Of course, the budget needs to be done according to the average prices available on the market customers need to pay for this type of service. The budget will help you distribute the money wisely and control your spending. You should be prepared for unexpected expenses too, so make sure you put aside a small amount of money to have for emergency situations.

2. Move off season

Yes, you’ve read that right! There is a peak season for moving, so naturally, it’s cheaper to move during the off season. If you can control the day of your move, you should move sometime between September and May, because you will be able to enjoy great discounts. Summer is the peak season for moving and, besides having to pay more than if you were to move outside the season, you will also have a hard time finding a reputable moving company that hasn’t yet been booked. Which takes us to the next thing you could do to save money.

3. Book early

We don’t mean a hotel room, but the moving company you’re planning to hire. If you book their services at least a few months ahead the move day, you have the chance to get access to a significant discount reserved only for those who book early. Also, try to avoid moving on national holidays, as well as on weekends. This will also help you save money. Another period you should avoid when choosing a moving day is the beginning or the end of any month.

4. Don’t pay for packing materials

If you’re planning to save money when moving home is obvious that you would not want to pay extra for packing services provided by the moving company you want to hire. This means you will have to take care of packing yourself and, implicitly, you will need to find packing materials. Cardboard boxes are usually the easiest to find, and many people prefer to use them, especially since they are free. You can find free moving boxes at the supermarkets, various stores and even online. You can also consider using suitcases, buckets, baskets, bags, blankets etc. Creativity rules when it comes to packing materials!

5. Sell things to pay movers

Now, we don’t mean you should sell your rings or family heirlooms to pay the services provided by a moving company, but it wouldn’t hurt to use these circumstances to declutter your home a bit and sell everything that you don’t use or need anymore. A yard sale is always a good idea, but if you don’t have a yard, you can always someone else’s yard, such as the one of eBay and Craigslist. This way, you will clean your home and wardrobe and make some money ahead of moving. This will definitely help you save money without having to adjust your current budget.

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