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Five Top Gifts For Your Ageing Parents

It is indeed an honour to care for aging parents. Most of the time, they don’t expect a materialistic “gift” from their families. For them, the best gift is usually about spending quality time with you. However, thoughtful gift ideas for older moms, dads, and grandparents will help show your love without cluttering up their home. Here, we have listed some gifts which they are undoubtedly going to appreciate very much, and are the perfect way to show your love and concern for them.

1. Plan a holiday

If your parents love travelling, then booking an all paid holiday can be a thoughtful gift. Ensure you organise, book in advance and get them an international prepaid travel card, with foreign currency loaded prior to departure. This would save them the hassle of standing in queues at airports or exchange bureaus and be fleeced by hefty transaction charges and currency exchange rates. Some of these travel cards come with travel insurance which is really useful, should there be an emergency. It would be even better if you can give them a surprise visit to their travel destination and join them for the holiday. This would create the most memorable and happy moments in their life.

2. Get them a user-friendly tablet

A simple, user friendly tablet which is fast and light is a wonderful gift for elderly parents. The reason is because this gadget will be the tool that helps them to reach out to their family abroad. In fact, you could spend some time to set it up for them and giving them a demonstration of its functionalities such as the email, facebook, skype, camera and even games. Although it may take a few days for them to learn how to fully use all the features, they would love learning from you. For those of them who enjoy television shows, old music and news, they would find the tablet very handy and useful. Download music and games of their choice, so that they will be engaged and not feel bored.

3. Design a family picture collage

A magnetic picture frame collage for the refrigerator will keep family photos organised and easy to see. The picture collage is an affordable gift idea for elderly parents or even older grandparents who have everything– especially if they don’t live close to you. You can organise a variety of family photos in the picture frame, and they’ll enjoy the creative collage you made.

4. Tickets to the theatre, musical events or sporting events

Tickets to events are something you can do together. It’s an experience, which will stay forever. If your parent is a cricket fan, then go and watch an international game live. If your parent is into classical music, book a show and take them there.
One can book these in advance to avail of the best prices. An early Christmas present or when there may be no occasion to celebrate also, you could do these special gestures so they know you are thinking of them.

5. Create a journal

Another excellent gift idea, for older parents is a journal. You could create one yourself with questions and prompts to encourage the parents or grandparents to write their life story and remember important moments from their past. It's surprising how much history is lost as we live in nuclear families now, sometimes in different countries.

This will become one of the most treasured gifts of all, to be passed on to generations. As parents or grandparents will remember and share memories about their childhood and teen years, education, love, marriage, work, community, religion, family life and, perhaps even grandparenthood!

Other thoughtful gifts

Some other inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts would be gloves to keep the cold away or garden gloves if they enjoy gardening. Also a kettle or a digital key finder, or a massaging cushion to soothe away those aches and pains can be very useful. Whilst these are thoughtful gifts out of the box, the best gift an elderly parent or grandparent would want is time, love and understanding.
Gifts, which are experiences can bring the family together to create memories which money can't replace.


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