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The Most Remarkable Highlights of Rabat in Morocco

Rabat is not only the administrational and political capital of the Moroccan Kingdom, the city hosts many remarkable monuments and sites that should not be missed by tourists coming all over the world to spend their vacations in Morocco.
Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat is located in the North Eastern section of the kingdom. The population of Rabat is estimated to exceed one million inhabitants. It is the sixth city in Morocco in terms of population. The city is featured with its marvelous beaches and the Bouregreg River that separates the city from the Sale'. These geographical traits gave the city a special sort of magic that attract travelers who tour Morocco.
Away from all of this, Rabat is characterized by having some of the most wonderful historical sites that are commonly visited by a large number of travelers who spend their vacations in Morocco.
Kasbah of Udayas
One of the most impressive monuments of Rabat is surely the Kasbah of Udayas constructed by Almoravid Dynasty around the middle 12th century as a fortress and a military stronghold in the region. This center was afterwards occupied by the Moorish who came from Andalusia who revived this wonderful construction that are often included in various travel packages in Morocco.
During the ruling period of Al Alaouite Dynasty in the 17th century, it was called Udayas in reference to a tribe that used to reside in the desert nearby. The most impressive sections of the construction that amaze travelers from all over the world who visit Morocco include the walls that were built by Almohad Dynasty, the ancient mosque, and many of the architectural elements added by Al Alaouites.
The ancient city of Chellah

Chellah is perhaps the oldest human settlement in Rabat. This ancient town was inhabited as early as the 8th century BC. The city was named Chellah by the Romans as a variation of the Roman word Sallah, which means the area of estuary of the Bouregreg River. The city was in fact established as River port to serve the commercial activities. Chellah is one of the most interesting historical sites visited by numerous tourists who enjoy their holiday in Morocco.
Although the city witnessed some drawbacks in various periods of time, it flourished again during the reign of the Marinids especially during the ruling period of Yusuf Ibn Yacob who established a mosque and an Islamic complex in the city. Many other Marinid rulers added Islamic teaching schools and various other establishments. At the beginning of the 14th century, the town was enclosed inside a five dimensions fortified walls. Many travelers who visit Morocco pay a visit to Chellah.
The Towering Minaret of Hassan
The Towering Minaret of Hassan is one of the most notable historical sites in Rabat often included in many travel packages to Morocco. Built on the shores of the River Bouregreg, the mosque of Hassan was constructed at the end of the 12th century as one of the most ancient Islamic monuments in Morocco.
The minaret of the mosque, the only surviving element of the mosque is the best evidence on how the mosque was great and impressive. The minaret is 44 meters high and it was decorated with ornaments that were carved in colored stones following the Andalusian style of architecture in the 12th century AD. Travelers who tour Morocco would usually visit the mausoleum of Mohamed V along the visit to the towering minaret of Hassan. The construction was erected in 1962 and it was one of the most notable examples of contemporary architecture of Morocco.


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