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Five Simple Xbox One Tricks That You Could Quickly Do

Since the time video gaming was created, it did not fail to provide delight to players from around the globe. With the countless enhancements in technology, games steadily became sophisticated and complicated. Now, the Xbox One is without doubt an incredibly innovative device of this century. It's equipped with numerous features, but three years since its introduction, several improvements and secrets are still unknown to its users. Here are five of the most significant Xbox One tips that all gamers need to discover and do.

1. Make use of a hard drive for extra storage. These days, games have large sizes, and at one point the Xbox's memory won’t be able to carry all your game files. If that happens, you'll be obligated to erase your older data to save new ones. But due to the best Xbox One tricks available, you could shop for a hard drive that will work as a back-up equipment. It can be also utilised to save your old Xbox 360 games.

2. Create two screens using Xbox Snap. When you read a few posts regarding Xbox One tips and tricks, you would absolutely learn this one because of its big effect on many gamers. Xbox Snap allows the players to split the display in two: one for the video game and the other for whatever Xbox menu the player desires. Generally, gamers would set the list of achievements on the other display, so they can keep an eye on them while playing.

3. Enjoy an improved interface by using the Magnifier and the Narrator. Among the useful Xbox One tricks that you can use would be the Magnifier and the Narrator options. Both of them could be used by holding down the Home button. The Magnifier enables the player to view small subtitles which are too hard to read or give attention to different parts of the game. Alternatively, the Narrator could assist visually impaired gamers using voice assistance.

4. The earphone jack of the Xbox game controller works with common earphones. Among the Xbox One tips that captured the attention of a lot of people is the ability of the Xbox One controller headphone jack to work with standard headsets, as opposed to earlier versions that will work just with accredited equipment.

5. Change the energy settings depending on your playing style. Xbox One tips and tricks are not only concentrated on playing video games, but also on methods to save your electricity. You could manage the setting of the Xbox One to match your gameplay. You can set it to Energy-saving Mode, which would cut down energy consumption. You can even set it up to automatically turn off after a couple hours of inactivity.

Most players often overlook the functions of the unit they are utilising, which typically provide various hidden functions more than the eye could see. These Xbox One tips stated here won't only make your gaming experience different than before, but it may even help in saving some of your time, energy, and also money.


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