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6 Signs that Tell Your Kid Needs NLP Counselling

Do you feel your child’s mental health is not as good as it should be at his/her age? Does the kid also have difficulties with friends and at school? Does s/he possess more fear and anxiety than normal? Does your kid also feel difficulties in speaking and expressing? If your answer to one or all of the above questions is ‘yes’, then your child could benefit from NLP counselling.

You would obviously want the best for your child, so here are the top 6 signs that tell your kid needs counselling from a professional psychotherapist or NLP coach.

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Now, let’s come back to our topic and discuss about those 6 major signs.

1. High Anxiety and Worries

Those kids who have a tendency of getting worried and anxious about all little things every now and then should opt for counseling from an NLP coach. They create things and causes out of nothing and get worried. They worry about their home, their parents, their family and get anxious suddenly. An NLP could be on immense benefit to those kids.

2. Lack of Concentration

It’s not that all the kids with low level of concentration have to go for NLP counselling, but lack of concentration is common to those who have been suffering from mental illness. They get easily distracted and are unable to follow instructions properly. An NLP counsellor would come in handy dealing with this problem.

3. Sadness and Nervousness for Long Periods

Some children and even teens face these difficulties quite often. They get nervous and sad due to small things and their behaviors last for days or even weeks. They may not express their feelings in words but it can be clearly seen from their strange activities. Going to an NLP counselor becomes the ultimate solution for them.

4. Great Changes in Daily Habits

Children that get affected mentally and emotionally might show significant changes in their daily habits. You can notice changes in their eating habits, sleeping habits and most of the activities they normally do in a day.

5. Sudden Anger & Fear

If your child shows sudden anger and fear towards everything, and that happen frequently and goes on for a long duration, consult an NLP coach. They may indulge in disruptive activities at home and in school as well.

6. Thinking More about the Past

If a child keeps thinking more about the incidents in the past than in the present, it may be a sign of psychological problem. It’s good to go to an NLP counselor immediately.

Chris Richards is a certified NLP coach who offers free 20-minute consultation before her NLP counselling Canberra session.


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