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Future Of Ecommerce

When everything is uncertain, there are few parameters which will always be there affecting the Ecommerce, like – customer services, product selection and customer’s needs. The future of Ecommerce can be predicted from the perspective of the customer. How they see and accept the Ecommerce will change the entire future of Ecommerce.

As machine learning and Big data technologies have entered in the Ecommerce, there are great chances of changes in customer’s user-experience and Ecommerce.

More Personalization – More customers
The Ecommerce has succeed this much only because users are having great experience of personalization. In these days, where there are too many online shops available, customer will be driven to those who are giving them more personalized in-store experience (and obviously huge discount!!!).

No need of card and other authentication
Surprised right!!! Yeah, it is predicted that in future, customer will be recognized by their finger prints only. From the finger prints, it will be identified that who the customer is and how his choices are. This technology will make the shopping experience more personalized and seamless.

Same day shipping
It sounds shocking. But yeah, companies are trying to provide same day delivery service to their customers, if not to all then at least to some of their merchandise. Amazon is very much serious about this concept and already started testing with drone delivery. Drones will be sent out from the distribution centre and will rich the delivery destination by lowest cost and deliver the products successfully,

The gap between physical stores and E commerce will be cleared.
Companies are already looking for the tie-ups of the online tracking and customer information with their real worlds. This likewise complements those perfect of more stupendous customisation of the shopping experience, permitting retailers to utilize existing internet information to individual delegate their whole relationship – both online and offline.

Automation in Fraud Detection and Prevention
Today many systems are relying on the manual checks by human to detect fraud, future is saying that fraud detection will be automated by the blessings of AI algorithms and machine learning algorithms.

Personalization in Payment
Personalization in Ecommerce is providing what you want instead of what they have. User experience is enhanced by the personalization but in short future, there will be concept of personalization in payment as well.

‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option will be introduced specially for the students, or coupons and promo code will be automatically applied based on the user’s requirement and importance of that purchase.

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