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Looking For An Electric Moped? Choose Between Lithium Technology Motorcycle Mopeds or Silicon Technology Motorcycle Mopeds

In order to do different household works and to commute locally, mopeds prove to be very handy. They are larger and more comfortable than bicycles but smaller than motorcycles and usually run on gas. However, with fuel and gas prices continuously on the rise, now more and more people are preferring to use electric-powered bikes as an alternative to the traditional ones. Electric mopeds run on rechargeable batteries that are manufactured on the basis of different technologies, such as lithium technology and silicon technology. Such technologies have helped engineers and bike manufacturers to come up with new ideas and develop mopeds in a variety of designs and styles. Along with saving fuel costs, these mopeds are also beneficial to the environment by not emitting any kind of smoke and noise, thus keeping it unpolluted.

In the past, lead-acid batteries were used to run electric bikes but they were heavy and lasted only for shorter periods. After that, lithium-ion batteries were developed that were mostly used in laptops and mobile phones but they have a tendency to heat up after regular usage. So, it would have been a bad idea to use these batteries in the vehicles due to safety reasons. However, with the advances in technology, modern lithium-ion batteries are made using phosphate rather than oxide based electrodes. Phosphate based electrodes take much higher temperatures to release oxygen that makes these batteries very difficult to catch fire when they are being continuously used to run mopeds.

In the same vein, batteries based on silicon technology have been developed to get a much higher and durable performance for the operative vehicles. They were also being developed as an alternative to lead-acid batteries in order to make our environment acid-free. Silicon batteries have amazing recharge and discharge capabilities, and can be fully charged in about 25 minutes. Further, they have higher capacity, higher current output, lower internal resistance as compared to a lead-acid battery. And, they do suffer from erosion that keeps the contents of the battery clean and safe throughout their lifetime. And when they are being discarded after completing their life cycle, silicon batteries are 100% recyclable.

If you are in need of a moped for your daily routine works, you can choose lithium technology motorcycle mopeds or silicon technology motorcycle mopeds for that. And, you can easily get them through online dealers available that provide you a lot of options, both in terms of cost as well as technology.

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