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6 Relationship Hacks Every Couple Should Know

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6 Relationship Hacks Every Couple Should Know
People meet, become friends and some decide to go to the next level and date. Sometimes relationships sustain, sometimes they don’t. Making a relationship work needs commitment, times, trust, and above all understanding. Wondering how to make your relationship tick? Well here are 5 sureshot mantras to help you ensure that your relationship never fails.

Prioritise your time together:

Time is the biggest investment you need to make towards each other. While it’s important to do things you enjoy individually and focus on your career as well, but it’s even more important to make time together. And that time should be uncompromised with. Switch your cellphones and listen to each other. Your level of understanding will improve with the focus you place on each other.

Listen and empathise:

When you spend time, hear your partner with diligence. Put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective. It will make them feel understood and cared for. Let your partner know that you are there for them always.

Don’t bottle up:

Speak up about problems before it’s too late. It is never a good idea to keep things bottled up. If something upsets you, talk about it. Mulling over something which is bothering you is simply going to make matters worse. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

Appreciate a lot:

Let no gesture or act go by without due acknowledgement or appreciation. The attitude should always be gratitude, not just in life but also in your relationship. This allows your partner the confidence that you value them over others and are involved in what they are doing.

Forego the ego:

Place your relationship higher than your ego. Fights, arguments, disagreements are bound to happen but if you make everything an ego issue then you relationship will crumble faster than cookie dough. Learn to let go of petty issues, discuss issues which matter and come to a closure over things which are harming your relationship.

Balance me-time and we-time:

Only a person who is happy from within can love another. Frustrations stemming from personal inability can often make you place the blame on your partner. But happiness is an inside job. So make sure you take some time off and spend it with yourself, doing things which make you happy. That contentment and personal joy is sure to spill over into your relationship as well.

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