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Ayurvedic Kidney Detoxification Supplements To Get Rid Of Stones

Kidney is one of the organs that filter blood and flush out toxins and other waste with urine out of the body. Crystals are always present in urine but when one does not go to urinate for long time, these crystal particles bind together in kidneys to form solid material. Excessive amount of oxalate, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and uric acid in blood not only slow down kidney functions but also promote sticking of crystalline particles. This is how stones are formed inside kidneys. Stones small in size get flushed out with urine without causing pain and damage. But large sized stones get stuck inside urinary tract and lead to life threatening conditions. This situation requires immediate treatment as stones block urination too. This increases toxin amount in kidneys which later on causes more damage and affects body functions.

People who drink less water and eat foods containing high amount of salt, calcium, etc., are at high risk of kidney stones. Solid material inside kidneys causes heavy damage and thus results in bleeding with urine. With the help of herbal supplements, one can get rid of kidney stones without surgery. One can use Kid Clear capsules which are the best ayurvedic kidney detoxification supplements. These supplements are completely herbal and therefore do not cause any other side effects in body. Effective formula of these supplements breakdown stones into small particles and dissolve these particles. Thus stone particles get flushed out with urine without getting stuck in urinary tract. This prevents requirement of surgery needed for removal of large sized stones. These herbal capsules repair damage in kidneys at relatively fast rate and also enhance functions of this organ. This improves blood purification process which ultimately improves overall health.

These ayurvedic kidney detoxification supplements give effective and long lasting results to both men and women. Long lasting results obtained by these supplements prevent further formation of stones and keep kidneys healthy for prolong time. Kid Clear capsules contain Pashanbhed, Gokshuru, Bastimida, Alubalu, Barna, Taj, Elaychibadi, Karamkalla, Ambahaldi, Kakadi, Patherchur, Kulthi, Huabair, Kali Musli, Makoy, Javatea, Javakhar and Kaknaj. These herbs provide the following benefits:

1. These herbs are diuretic in nature and thus increase production of urine. This increases elimination of toxins and prevents binding of materials that cause formation of stones in kidneys.
2. Some of these herbs are lithotriptic in nature and therefore dissolve or destroy stone in the bladder or kidneys.
3. Many of these herbs in ayurvedic kidney detoxification supplements promote flow of urine, soothe the membrane of urinary tract and inhibit oxalate production.
4. These herbs are loaded with nutrients which improve functions of kidneys and thus promote blood purification process.
5. These herbs neutralize excess amount of oxalate, calcium, uric acid, sodium and phosphorus present in body.
6. Due to anti-inflammatory action, these herbs reduce swelling in kidneys also.
7. These herbs repair and heal damage in kidneys caused due to movement of stones.

Take these ayurvedic kidney detoxification supplements for 3 to 4 months to completely get rid of stones. Drink plenty of fluids and limit intake of animal protein including meat, fish, seafood, poultry and eggs and also consumption of salts to prevent further formation of stones in kidneys.

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