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Human Resource Management Ensuring the Organizational Development

Employees are the back-bone of any organization. A company which values its employees the most always stays on a progressive trajectory as it is the people which decide the fate of a business. Human resources are extremely valuable assets when in comes to motivating employees and maintaining an organizational culture of high morale. Human resources are directly responsible for increasing employee knowledge, skills and abilities. They train employees in leveraging their talents for organizational benefits and empower employee while doing so. High level of knowledge, skills and abilities among the employees is important for them to perform effectively. It is highly unlikely that an employee will achieve an extra-ordinary performance while doing the routine functions of the job as it limits them from contributing in organizational contribution. On the other hand, when motivated properly, employees are more likely to outperform themselves, which is one of the duties of an HR rep. Hence, companies look for talented candidates who have completed MBA in Human Resource Management while hiring because of the skills they posses.

Human Resource Representatives are trained in conducting certain practices in the company which enhance the culture and the performance of the organization altogether. Some of these practices are enlisted below:
1. Empowerment Enhancing:
One of the most important duties which fall under the purview of an HR personnel is to handle the channelization of employee qualities and resources. It means understanding the capabilities of an employee, ensuring a complete utilization of the asset, handling their issues, etc. In addition to that, HR reps also handle grievances procedures, Flextime, employment security among other HRM planning activities.

2. K-S-A Enhancement:
As mentioned above, knowledge-skills-abilities are the key components which enhance the performance of an employee. It is the duty of an HR to ensure that the employees are getting proper training and education which will constantly improve their asset value and in return, profit the company. Just like employees trained in MBA in marketing require to constantly enhance the organization’s brand value, HR personnel are trained to augment the employee value altogether. Moreover, HR is also responsible for developing a productive workplace environment by successfully completing the 1st critical step, employee selection. Developing a systematic selection process to strategically thin the herd of applicants and choose the best of them is a very significant task which falls under HR duties.

3. Motivation Enhancing:
No company can function optimally for long if its morale is down. Considering that many companies offer incentive compensation such as performance bonuses, profit sharing, stock options, etc. These incentive compensation programs helps in boosting the overall motivation of an employee and encourage them to work more in order to get more benefits. Additionally, policies which encourage internal promotions are gaining popularity in the modern workplace. Its the responsibility of a Human resource manager to design these policies and ensure that the practices are complementing the employee performance fairly.

The cloud of skepticism which covered the role of Human Resource Management has been lifted in past decade or so and the business world is appreciating the value of this discipline more than ever.


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